Kay Arthur Reminds Churches to Stick to the Bible for Truth

Maina Mwaura | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Friday, March 29, 2019
Kay Arthur Reminds Churches to Stick to the Bible for Truth

Kay Arthur Reminds Churches to Stick to the Bible for Truth

Before there was Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer or Joyce Meyer, there was Kay Arthur. 

Arthur set a trend among women bible teachers long before it was fashionable. As ‘the beloved’ – the title she says God calls all of His children – she is clear that her main purpose in doing ministry is to teach the Bible. 

While Arthur says she appreciates the ‘trailblazer’ compliments, she is aware first and foremost that she is a servant of God! She believes that God put her on earth at ‘such a time as this’ to teach the Bible and provide resources for people to study the Good News. 

Arthur told Christian Headlines that her mission is to help every man and woman have a chance to study the Bible. 

As Arthur sits down of our interview, I notice the bustling of adults and kids scurrying around us in order to make it to class on it. We are sitting in Arthur’s ‘Precepts’ ministry's Chattanooga Campus. 

Arthur shared that she can remember teaching a class on the campus lawn before the buildings were even there. 

Despite the busyness around us, as Christian Headlines sat down for a rare interview with Arthur, it was clear that she was not distracted by all the movement. 

As Arthur speaks, she is deliberate and purposeful. She moves at ease when she walks and talks. She makes sure that she acknowledges everyone that she comes into contact with, intentionally making them feel loved. 

When asked about her views on what the church of today is lacking, Arthur stays true to her call and mission. She says the universal church needs to stick to the Bible!

Watch Christian Headlines exclusive video interview with Kay Arthur below:

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