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Christians Should Consider These 7 Questions before They Vote: Pastor Daivd Platt

Maina Mwaura | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Monday, November 2, 2020
Christians Should Consider These 7 Questions before They Vote: Pastor Daivd Platt

Christians Should Consider These 7 Questions before They Vote: Pastor Daivd Platt

Pastor David Platt recently sat down Christian Headlines to discuss the role of Christians in the upcoming presidential election.

Platt is pastors one of Washington D.C.’s largest churches, McClean Bible Church. He is also the author of a new book, Seven Questions to Ask Before You Vote.

As such, Platt has thought long hard about the issue of voting and the questions that Christ-followers should ask themselves before they cast their ballots.

When asked where the idea of the book came from, one can tell that Platt remembers vividly when he knew that God was calling him to tackle this issue.

He stated, "Following the visit from President Trump to our church, and the attention surrounding his visit I began to ask the question, what are healthy questions that Christ-followers should ask."

In Platt’s opinion it comes down to seven core questions:

1. Does God Call for me to vote?

2. Who Has My heart?

3. What does My Neighbor Need?

4. What is the Christian Position?

5. How Do I weigh the Issues?

6. Am I eager to maintain unity in the church?

7. So, how do I vote?

For Platt, it’s clear that the passion and eagerness he has on this topic has overflowed from his time with God and his pastoral position at a diverse church that welcomes people from 100 different nationalities and is one of the prominent churches in the very political DC region.

Platt stated, "People are either going to be discipled by the world or God's word."

Plat is hoping that readers will pick up his book knowing that he is more concerned about what God is doing in their life than who they vote for.

Platt believes that Christ-followers can grow spiritually in the middle of the voting season if they choose to do so.

If Christ-followers are growing throughout the election cycle and handling the responsibility of voting with care, then, even in the current politically divisive climate, true unity can happen.

“I believe that we can find unity and balance when we're focused on Jesus, His Word, and mission that He has called for us to be on," Platt told Christian Headlines.

Platt is on a mission to challenge Christ-followers to put God first in this season.

“Voting is a gift from God," he attests. Platt sincerely wants his brothers and sisters in Christ to remember that the King is not up for Election this season.

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