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Maina Mwaura

Maina Mwaura

Dave Ramsey Offers Advice to Families Facing Economic Hardships amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Renowned financial advisor Dave Ramsey is offering some advice to families facing with financial uncertainties amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Panel of Experts Offer Hope to the Black Community amid High Coronavirus Mortality Rates

Christian Headlines recently assembled a group of Black Community experts to discuss the matter. Sitting together in a room at least six feet apart from each other, BJ Thompson from BuildABetterUs.com, Pastor Emory Berry of Greenforest Community Baptist Church, Neonatal doctor at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Dr. George Buggs and Terrence Albritton, a financial advisor, came together to speak about the effects the coronavirus is having on the black community through the lens of their shared faith in Jesus.

'God Is Giving Us a Chance to Reset': Financial Expert Asserts There Is Hope amid the Pandemic

Personal finance expert Chris Hogan asserts in an interview with Christian Headlines, that there is hope after the pandemic.

Financial Experts Discuss How Churches, Faith-Based Organizations Can Navigate the CARES Act

In an exclusive interview with Christian Headlines, financial experts Ken Tan and Stan Reiff of the Capin Crouse financial firm discuss how churches and non-profit organizations can understand the Stimulus Package/CARES Act and how they can prepare for the financial futures of their organizations.

Author Shares How the 5 Love Languages Can Help Families Develop Deeper Relationships during Quarantine

New York Times best-selling author Gary Chapman talks about how the five love languages can help families develop deeper connections during coronavirus quarantine.

Benjamin Watson, Christian Groups Work to Provide Aid to Churches At Risk of Closing due to Economic Impact of Coronavirus

National Christian groups and former NFL player Benjamin Watson are working together with the AND Campaign to help small churches, struggling from the economic impact of the coronavirus, to keep their doors open.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Highlights the Importance of Forgiveness

Katherine believes that when we have a clear understanding of what forgiveness is, we can learn to embrace it, and offer it to others who have hurt us. "My grandparents played a huge role in modeling forgiveness,” she shared, highlighting that she is not only championing the dialogue about forgiveness but also demonstrating that it can be done. 

"We're not alone in this journey of life and I want people to know that life can feel lonely sometimes." And forgiveness is a key component to togetherness.

Kerry and Chris Shook Share How God Used the Loss of Their Grandson to Help Others

In an interview with Christian Headlines, church founders and pastors Kerry and Chris Shook shared how God took an unbearable loss and made some good out of it.