Leah Hickman

Leah Hickman

Shortage of Babies Contributes to Toys 'R' Us Bankruptcy

Last week, Toys R Us management announced that the toy store chain will be going out of business.

America will Have More Elderly People Than Children by 2035, Census Bureau Predicts

Earlier this week, NPR covered a report from the U.S. Census Bureau that projects that “Adults 65 and older will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history by the year 2035.”

Elderly Couple Commits Assisted Suicide, Claims 'It’s the Quality of Life that Counts'

After 66 years of marriage, Charlie and Francie Emerick chose to take advantage of Oregon’s Death With Dignity Law. Last April, with physician assistance, the couple took lethal doses together to end their own lives.

California City to Remove Decades-old Church Directory Sign to Avoid Appearance of Promoting Christianity

The city of Coronado, California, will be removing a church directory sign from city property. According to the Los Angeles Times, the sign has been on the property since the 60s, and its removal is being prompted by “First Amendment concerns.”

The concerns first arose when a 20-year-old who grew up in Coronado complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation about the sign’s use of the word “church.” Meoni later explained that he didn’t like the word “because, in his opinion, it excludes religious institutions that meet in temples or mosques.” As his intention was simply to get the one word replaced, Meoni was surprised when his complaint brought even farther-reaching consequences.

Weather-beaten California Faces More Mudslides

Authorities have ordered mandatory evacuations for residents of southern California counties due to risk of mudslides.

Alabama Government May Stop Issuing Marriage Licenses Altogether

When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, Christians in the business of officiating marriages faced a new challenge.

US Faces Disappointment in the 2018 Winter Olympics

This year, it was starting to look like the U.S. would be closer to repeating their less impressive medal counts from the 90s.

Former North Korean 'Cheerleader' Shares about the Purpose of the North Korean 'Army of Beauties'

Even at the Olympics, sometimes the biggest stories happen on the sidelines. In this year’s Olympics, one of these stories centers around the team of North Korean cheerleaders that dominate the sidelines of events during North Korean competitions.

Superbowl MVP Nick Foles Shares Faith on the 'Ellen' Show

After an exhilarating victory for the Philadelphia Eagles in Superbowl 2018, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was awarded MVP for Superbowl 52. Discussing his victory on the “Ellen” show, Foles shared the role that failure and faith played in bringing him to that game.