Laura Lacey Johnson

Laura Lacey Johnson

World Leaders Warn Trump about Recognizing Jerusalem

World leaders are warning United States President Donald Trump about the consequences of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Trump Team is Drafting Middle East Peace Plan

Seeking what he calls “the ultimate deal,” President Trump and his advisors are drafting a Middle East peace plan to end the bitter land dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.

Archeologists Find 1,600-Year-Old Evidence of a Female Church Benefactor

Women played a crucial role in the early church, and two archeologists recently discovered a mosaic that honors a female church donor.

Scientists Suggest Why the Sun Stood Still for Joshua in Battle

God helped Joshua during one of Israel’s most epic battles by causing the sun and moon to “stand still” (Joshua 10:12-14). Now, researchers are suggesting why and when the sun stood still in the Biblical account.

Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Indicted on Conspiracy, Money Laundering

A federal grand jury has indicted a former campaign manager for President Trump and an associate on 12 counts including conspiracy against the United States and money laundering.

Hamas ‘Begs Iran for Help’ to Destroy Israel, Says U.S. Envoy

Jason Greenblatt, the U.S. Special Representative for International Negotiations, is putting the world on notice that Hamas is now begging Iran for help to destroy Israel.

Hamas: ‘We Will Wipe Out Israel’

At a rally in the Gaza strip on Thursday, Hamas’ second highest ranking military leader, Yahya Sinwar, said the terror group has no intention of recognizing Israel; instead, it still intends to wipe out Israel.

What Christians Should Know About the Balfour Declaration Controversy

On Wednesday, Palestinian Arab organizations called on Britain to apologize for the “crime of the Balfour Declaration,” a pronouncement that helped Israel become a nation and is almost 100 years old.