Josh Shepherd

Josh Shepherd

Pro-Life Medical Experts Address: Do COVID Vaccines Present Ethical Concerns?

The FDA has given emergency authorization to a COVID vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. Unlike Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, this new option raises concerns for some pro-life analysts.

Country Singer 'Big Kenny' Pleads with Congress, Advocates for Global Nutrition Funding

As half of country duo Big & Rich, “Big” Kenny Alphin sings their hit song “That’s Why I Pray” on stages across the country night after night. On June 20, he put the sentiment into action when he joined a coalition of faith leaders on a mission to Capitol Hill. They met with leaders in six Senate offices to advocate for global nutrition funding in U.S. foreign aid.

Latest Family Film from Faith-Driven Filmmaker Hits Netflix

This week, a family film that went under the radar for most audiences hits Netflix where millions can enjoy it. Running for Grace tells of a spirited teenager who faces discrimination in Hawaii in the 1920s. Fighting for what matters, he changes the community around him.

As Controversy Swirls, Christian Attorney Speaks Out on Faith and Politics

Controversy has swirled around National Review columnist David French since he charged Franklin Graham with “hypocrisy.” Now he responds in an interview.

No one can dispute that President Donald Trump has disrupted national politics to a greater degree than any figure in many years.

His source of greatest support is no secret. According to Pew Research, 69 percent of Christian evangelicals currently approve of how President Trump is fulfilling his duties in the nation’s highest office.

Yet fierce political divisions persist, even among like-minded Christian believers. Such divides cause some to avoid hearing out dissenting voices of faith. Still, many leaders have called for dialogue among those who disagree on prudential matters of politics.

5 Questions with Writer-Director of The Pilgrim’s Progress Animated Feature

The epic tale of a determined traveler and his quest for freedom plays out in The Pilgrim’s Progress, a feature-length animated film opening in theaters on April 18 and 20. Producers have spent five years reimagining one of the most popular and significant works of all time.

5 Must-See Speeches as House Passes Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

On Tuesday afternoon, cheers erupted from the public gallery when the U.S. House of Representatives announced that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed by a vote of 237-189.

‘When Calls the Heart’: Exec Producer Reveals Secrets of Season Five

Top-rated show from Hallmark Channel succeeds thanks to family values and fervent fan base, says executive producer — who hints at what’s to come next season.

‘Miracle of the Kurds’ Author Shares Why He Supports a Forgotten People

Many Americans are naturally skeptical of involvement in the Middle East, as news headlines tell of rival factions continually in conflict. Now Mansfield reveals why he believes Christians should speak up for the Kurds.

‘Let’s Preach the Whole Gospel’: Q&A with Jemar Tisby on Bridging the Racial Divide

Jemar Tisby shares how knowledge, prayer, and action can work in tandem to speak truth into often-misunderstood issues of race and justice.

Struck by Lightning, Mitch Davis Lived to Tell His Story As New Film ‘The Stray’

Now, in the tradition of Lassie and Homeward Bound, Davis brings his own family’s harrowing story to the big screen.
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