Why the Left Is Assaulting Trump's Plan for Cheaper Health Insurance

John Paluska | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why the Left Is Assaulting Trump's Plan for Cheaper Health Insurance

The Urban Institute recently released a study claiming that raising the period of term health insurance from a few months to one year would be catastrophically and categorically terrible for the health insurance of millions of Americans. They also argued that removing the insurance mandate would cause fewer people to have insurance. However, the part that they do not want you to understand is that, under their ideas of good health, the average American will be bankrupted from higher premiums for minimal care. At the end of the day, this study does not hold up to common sense.

The first loaded statement in this study is:

“The elimination of the individual-mandate penalties and the other policy changes, such as the withdrawal of cost-sharing reduction payments and the diminution of federal investments in advertising and enrollment assistance during 2017 that affected the 2018 open enrollment period, will lead to an additional 6.4 million people uninsured in 2019 compared with prior law (12.5 percent of the nonelderly population uninsured compared with 10.2 percent).”

While true, they fail to realize that the penalties did nothing but make living without insurance more expensive for those who could not afford or did not want insurance in the first place. The mandate penalty still ended up being cheaper than actually buying insurance for millions of uninsured Americans, so they decided to keep the status quo and go insurance-free. What this means is that, for millions of tax-paying American citizens, the government mandate of health insurance did not help them, instead it took hundreds of dollars from their pocket that they had access to before. In 2015, when eight percent of Americans paid the mandate, they lost $325. Then, the government decided that $325 was not enough money to pry from the pockets of Americans who could not afford health insurance, so they raised the penalty to $635. That year, 4 percent of Americans paid the fine.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Premiums in virtually every state have skyrocketed for everyone except poor people, who could now have plans that they could not previously afford (because the insurance companies simply raised the premiums on their other customers to foot the bill). So, now people have care, but they are required to pay thousands more dollars for it than before. So, to date, across the board, Obamacare has done nothing but make Americans poorer and make the government and insurance companies richer (that mandate comes out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue for the Federal Government).

So, not only would keeping the status quo continue to bankrupt Americans, but premiums are set to skyrocket again in 2018 to numbers that even most Americans cannot afford. Thus, federally mandated healthcare is making Americans poorer each year, while their salaries see negligent gains and their costs of living skyrocket as well. In short, Americans are broke, and they are getting more broke each year because the price of everything around them is increasing.

However, this study does not merely end with advocating that we stick to a system that is systematically bankrupting Americans. Instead, it proposes that we keep their care limited to Obamacare measures. The study actually proposes that we do not lengthen temporary care for people who want it and can afford it. In other words, if you’re too broke for regular insurance, you’re on your own and we want you to keep repurchasing it every three months instead of being able to plan your life out for one whole year. Here it is in their own writing:

The introduction of expanded short-term, limited-duration policies, consistent with proposed regulations, would increase the number of people without minimum essential coverage by 2.5 million in 2019. Of the 36.9 million people without minimum essential coverage, 32.6 million would have no coverage at all (completely uninsured),and 4.2 million would enroll in expanded short-term limited-duration plans.

Nevermind the crazy talking point of cheaper health insurance policies equating to fewer people being insured; this is a blatantly obvious case of “we want you to have our healthcare and not your own, and we want you to have it for as long as we say you can have it.” At the end of the day, this is exactly the policy of Obamacare. Obamacare did not ensure that all Americans could get whatever health insurance was right for them, it ensured that all Americans were forced to buy something that they did not even need, and forced to pay more money for it. If you refused to take part, the government also had an amazing plan to make sure you suffered for it by paying a fine.

However, this is not the hypocrisy. The hypocrisy is that the original purpose, or so the Democrats and Liberals claimed, was to ensure all have access to better healthcare. So, now we have an option for people to purchase temporary plans for an entire year, thus expanding their current options for coverage, and the left is retaliating by saying that it should not be allowed.

Even CNN knows that short term health insurance plans are a threat to Obamacare. An article on CNN.com states, “the proposal would reverse an Obama administration decision to limit the duration of short-term health plans to no more than 90 days in order to make them less attractive.” So, in other words, these perfectly affordable plans for millions of Americans were stifled to 90 days to make people avoid them and stick to the plans that have bankrupted them.

However, why was this study actually published? Because of the ultimate threat that CNN trumpeted so clearly in their article: “Such plans could roil the Obamacare market, drawing healthier consumers away from the exchanges and pushing up the premiums for those who remain.” This is why the left is against it, not because it keeps people safer, or because it allows people to pick their own coverage that suits their needs and their bank accounts, but because it would threaten the paycheck-sucking, regulation-forcing health insurance laws that they created. It doesn’t matter if these people leaving are going to drive up premiums because the premiums were going to rise anyway. This study is one attack in a series of attacks aimed at stealing from Americans through the guise of good will. If Democrats really cared about the people, they would dismantle Obamacare and allow people to buy what they can afford, not what they can’t.


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Publication date: March 1, 2018