North Korea Sends 'Message' to U.S. by Test-Firing Ballistic Missiles

John Paluska | Contributor | Thursday, March 25, 2021
North Korean flag, a new report details the horrors religious minorities face in North Korea

North Korea Sends 'Message' to U.S. by Test-Firing Ballistic Missiles

As North Korea expands its military capability, they have now test-fired their first ballistic missile. The launch is being seen as North Korea’s attempt to send a message to the U.S. and the world.

According to the Associated Press, Japan's prime minister Yoshihide Suga asserted that North Korea threatens "peace and safety in Japan and the region" by firing off these missiles. Yoshihide added that Japan will work with the U.S. and South Korea to respond to this threat.

Additionally, South Korea's foreign minister noted that the test-fire was a "deep concern" to the country and urged North Korea to keep their end of the agreement for peace.

Russia's foreign minister also commented on the missile launch, noting that talks should immediately "resume" in resolving the “standoff” with North Korea, the AP reports. 

This is a new turn of events since under President Trump, North Korean and South Korean leaders were able to meet and agree to cooperate with each other during the 2018 Winter Olympics. The talks were so significant, that South Korea's president personally thanked Trump for getting North Korea to the table. Additionally, Trump dropped new sanctions on North Korea, in a break with the tradition of appeasement toward the country. As a response to his tough stance on North Korea and getting North Korean officials to the negotiating table, Shinzo Abe, Japan's president, also reportedly thanked Trump.

But unlike the very public stance President Trump took toward North Korea, Biden, who has continued the military exercises with South Korea in the region, has mostly tried to quietly work with the country.

In all, North Korea is still testing nuclear missiles and this show of force appears to many to be a test to see how Biden will respond to the threat.


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