Lauren Daigle Wins Billboard's Top Christian Artist Award

John Paluska | Contributor | Friday, October 16, 2020
Lauren Daigle, Daigle wins Billboard's Artist of the Year award

Lauren Daigle Wins Billboard's Top Christian Artist Award

Christian Music Star Lauren Daigle, known for her debut single, "You Say," that catapulted her to the top of Billboard's Christian Music charts 5 years ago, just won the coveted Top Christian Artist award at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday.

In her acceptance speech, Daigle reminded the audience that "there is amazing hope found in God, and he has an incredible way to take one story and turn it completely different."

She talked about how she was just a girl from Louisiana who was now in Los Angeles accepting an award for her music.

Daigle ended her speech on a positive note, saying "For all of those watching that need hope tonight, He has it. He has the hope. Especially in times like these."

Daigle's song "You Say" made it into the top 30 tracks on Billboard's Hot 100, which most radio stations use to determine which songs are popular, on March 30, 2019, and lasted on the chart for 43 weeks.

Daigle also peaked at number 3 on Billboard’s Artist 100 list in September of 2018 and lasted on the chart for a whopping 128 weeks.

Daigle has a history of being one of the top artists on the Christian Adult Contemporary Charts as well, with 5 number 1 singles and 14 top 10 hits.

Among the other top Christian artists of the year were For KING & COUNTRY, Kanye West, Hillsong UNITED, Casting Crowns and Elevation Worship. Kanye West is perhaps the most recent well-known addition to the top artists chart, after having become a Christian and recording the hit album Jesus Is King.

Lauren Daigle grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana and was reportedly influenced by Zydeco, Blues, and Cajun music. But it wasn't until she faced a debilitating illness that she began to seriously consider music.


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