Iran Blames Israel for Attacking Its Underground Nuclear Facility

John Paluska | Contributor | Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Iran Blames Israel for Attacking Its Underground Nuclear Facility

Iran Blames Israel for Attacking Its Underground Nuclear Facility

Iran has lashed out at Israel for allegedly hacking into Natanz, its underground nuclear facility.

The Associated Press reports that Israel did not take credit for the attack on the facility, but they did acknowledge they hacked Iran's power infrastructure and caused blackouts. However, Jewish News Syndicate reports that the actual cause of the nuclear facility's destruction may have been a remotely detonated nuclear device. The head of the Iranian Parliament's Energy Committee seemed to confirm those accounts, reportedly stating on TV, "the enemy's plot was very beautiful. I'm looking at it from a scientific point of view. They thought about this and used their experts and planned the explosion so both the central power and the emergency power cable would be damaged."

These statements were reportedly corroborated by Reuters, which quoted Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei as saying, "Sunday's sabotage occurred in a power cable duct leading to the centrifuge machines. This was not an external attack, and the location of the sabotage has been clearly determined."

JNS reports that it will take Iran months to repair the damage.

Iranian officials called for revenge even though Israel denied claims they were responsible for the attack. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, said Israel made a "very bad gamble" in attacking Iran's Natanz nuclear facility. Zarif reportedly stated, "I assure you that in the near future more advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges will be placed in the Natanz facility."

Iran had been on the path toward nuclear weapons for years. In December of 2019, BBC News reported that multiple European countries warned the UN that Iran was developing nuclear-capable missiles. Additionally, Former Office of Net Assessment head James H. Baker reportedly stated in 2017 that the original JCPOA agreement that Barack Obama signed off on in 2015 would not have stopped Iran from producing nuclear weapons.

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