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Indiana Declines to Charge Late Abortionist Who Had More Than 2,000 Aborted Baby Parts In His Home

John Paluska | Contributor | Tuesday, January 5, 2021
Indiana Declines to Charge Late Abortionist Who Had More Than 2,000 Aborted Baby Parts In His Home

Indiana Declines to Charge Late Abortionist Who Had More Than 2,000 Aborted Baby Parts In His Home

The Indiana state government has declined to charge Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, an abortionist, who had more than 2,000 baby parts from abortions he had performed over the years stored in his home.

According to The Christian Post, most of the remains were likely old, as some of the containers were full of mold. The remains themselves were in medical waste bags and the Indiana attorney general believed they were about to be preserved in formaldehyde. But the investigation also found other homes owned by Klopfer that contained fetal remains in them.

Klopfer, who was an Illinois Resident, worked as the medical officer of abortion clinics in South Bend, Fort Wayne and Gary, Indiana, until his license was suspended in 2016 by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board. Klopfer died in September of 2019, which is what led to the discovery of the fetal remains. Following his death, Klopfer’s family discovered thousands of aborted baby parts in his garage. Reportedly, he was not charged because he is deceased.

According to a statement from the Attorney General's office, "No one is believed to have assisted Dr. Klopfer in his actions, and because Dr. Klopfer is dead, he cannot be charged with a crime or with medical misconduct. Therefore, Attorney General Hill does not recommend any criminal charges or licensing actions in this case."

Attorney General Curtis Hill, whose office conducted the investigation, stated, "This horrific ordeal is exactly why we need strong laws to ensure the dignified disposition of fetal remains. I was humbled to provide these precious babies a proper burial in South Bend. We hope the results of our investigation provide much-needed closure to everyone who has been impacted by this gruesome case."

Just three years before Klopfer died, Vice President Mike Pence signed a law requiring baby remains to be disposed of the same way as human remains. This law made what Ulrich Klopfer was doing illegal. The law was challenged in court but upheld. Additionally, there was an amendment to the Illinois legal code which required that abortion providers tell women they can dispose of their fetal remains themselves or have the abortion facility do it for them. The options they must be informed of are cremation and internment.


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Photo courtesy: J.C. Gellidon/Unsplash

John Paluska has been a contributor for Christian Headlines since 2016 and is the founder of The Washington Gazette, a news outlet he relaunched in 2019 as a response to the constant distribution of fake news.