Gospel Quartet Shares the Good News with Millions through Song

John Paluska | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Wednesday, November 25, 2020
The Redeemed Quartet, The Redeemed Quartet shares the gospel with millions

Gospel Quartet Shares the Good News with Millions through Song

The Redeemed Quartet, an Indiana-based musical group made up of four 20-somethings who sing Christian songs in 4-part harmony, has been reaching millions with the gospel as they travel singing to anyone who is willing to hear them.

“A sermon certainly can reach people, but we’ve found that a song also can open up people’s hearts to the Gospel,” Ben Duncan, 25, told The Christian Post.

On their website, you can listen to a selection of their recordings, which are also available on Spotify. Only a select few of their tracks are available on some other streaming platforms, such as Deezer.

Redeemed Quartet became notable when one of their YouTube videos for their song, "Is That Footsteps That I Hear," reached almost 2 million views. However, another one of their tracks, "Just A Little Talk With Jesus," also received more than 870,000 views.

Before Coronavirus and government lockdowns changed concert schedules and put much of the recording industry on pause, the group was regularly performing 50 to 60 concerts a year. But it all started with a single concert invite in Columbus, Indiana, where they performed 8 songs, which consisted of their entire repertoire at the time.

"We were scared half to death,” Duncan, one of the group's two baritones, recalled. “We did all of eight songs in the concert.”

The group consists of brothers Ben and Nick Duncan, one a baritone and the other a tenor, Caleb Koble, the other baritone, and Caleb's brother Josh Koble, who sings bass. Josh has solos in some of the songs and his bass singing is described as "very notable.”

The four were raised on Biblical values and were born in the Southern Hills of Indiana. According to their website, "from their start in 2014, their mission has been to be a light in the darkness and lift the weary traveler."

Photo courtesy: Redeemed Quartet Screenshot YouTube

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