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Former Marine Shares How God Healed Him and the Man Who ‘Severely Abused, Tortured’ Him as a Child

John Paluska | Contributor | Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Former Marine Shares How God Healed Him and the Man Who ‘Severely Abused, Tortured’ Him as a Child

Former Marine Shares How God Healed Him and the Man Who ‘Severely Abused, Tortured’ Him as a Child

Author, missionary and former Marine Victor Marx spoke at Kirk Cameron's church about how God healed him and helped him to forgive the person who molested and abused him for years as a child.

At just the age of 5, Marx's stepfather molested him and left him in a commercial cooler to die. His bio also says he was “severely abused and tortured” as a child. These combined problems, and the fact he had multiple stepfathers, led him to consider drugs and theft in high school. He also got into fights. But his decision to join the military coupled with his faith in God helped him to kick his drug addiction.

He also recovered from his abuse and molestations as a child.

On his American Campfire Revival series, Cameron talked about how Marx spoke at his church, going over his abusive past and the horrific things that happened to him. But, most of all, he spoke about how forgiveness is a powerful tool to fight evil.

Even though Marx was healed of his past, he knew that, if he did not face his abuser, he would never fully get over the trauma. So, putting his faith in God, he did just that. He visited the stepfather who abused him so he could share the message of Christ with him and also forgive him.

In a CBN interview, Marx told the network "Forgiving him was kind of a decision, but then I had to live it out. For me, it was a moment in time." And live it out he did. He first went to his childhood home, where the memories of abuse came flooding in. Then when he found where his stepfather was living, he went to the trailer and spoke to him. With anger, he told the man that God was using Marx for good even though he was abused.

The man was still cold-hearted, but he was dying so he decided to listen. Then Marx began sharing the gospel with him. During the process, he said he felt God's hand on him and that he could feel God's love for his stepfather in him and through him. He told his stepfather that no deed is forgotten when we all stand before Him, but that Jesus died on the cross for forgiveness. Ultimately, he said "God can forgive a monster like you."

Later, in the hospital, the man told Marx he had made things right before God and that Marx needn't worry about what happens to him. Marx told CBN "It was very emotional to me. Even though he was a step-parent and a horrific abuser, the tender kid inside of you that always wants to feel loved … it felt good. God had touched this man. It felt good."

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