Children's Book Series Wingfeather Saga to Become Animated TV Show

John Paluska | Contributor | Friday, May 21, 2021
Children's Book Series <em>Wingfeather Saga</em> to Become Animated TV Show

Children's Book Series Wingfeather Saga to Become Animated TV Show

The bestselling Wingfeather Saga children's book series is about to be adapted into an animated TV show. It also just surpassed the hit Bible-based show, The Chosen, as the fastest crowdfunded TV show to reach $1 million at Angel Studios. Wingfeather, a faith-based series, is also the world's second-most-funded animated children's TV show.

Since exceeding their minimum goal of $1 million, Angel Studios is now attempting to raise $5 million in 28 days in order to finance the first season completely.

J. Chris Wall, a VeggieTales and DreamWorks veteran, will partner with Angel Studios to create the series. Wall, the showrunner, and his crew have hired veteran creators from Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Blue Sky, and Nickelodeon to animate the series. In the popular crowd-funded pilot episode, the pioneering "hand-painted" CGI animation rendering technique can be seen.

Wall told The Christian Post in a statement, "We have always hoped for a way to share in the creation of this animated series, and when the partnership with Angel Studios came up, it just felt like exactly the right fit. To have a platform where we can invite our fans to build something together with us is just amazing. We love great stories that our whole family can enjoy together."

According to the Angel Studios' fundraising page, the show takes place in a fantasy world where a young boy comes across a secret that could doom the earth forever. The description reads, "In a fantasy world of wonder and danger, one boy discovers a family secret that may awaken an ancient power or doom them to capture by a nameless evil."

At the time of writing, the show has received more than 2.6 million dollars from at least 3,700 donors. They estimate there are only seven days left before they cannot accept any more donations. You can donate to the project at the Angel Studios fundraising page by clicking here.

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