Benjamin Watson Urges Americans to Fight for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

John Paluska | Contributor | Friday, September 18, 2020
Benjamin Watson Urges Americans to Fight for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Benjamin Watson Urges Americans to Fight for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Former NFL player and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson came out in solidarity for Christian Nigerians who are being persecuted in Africa in an appearance for the Awareness Campaign For Nigeria. The campaign, which featured prominent advocates of defending people's rights both in the U.S. and globally, held a Facebook Live press conference where Watson spoke.

“I am here for many of the same reasons that everyone else is,” Watson explained. “I can remember several years ago it being impressed upon me that the Body of Christ here in the United States is dealing with our own issues. But compared to what is going on around the world in many respects, we need people that stand up for those who are being persecuted. At some time, it may be us.”

Citing Rwanda, he reminded listeners that, at one point in time, Rwanda needed people to step in to defend the innocent from being slaughtered, and few answered the call until there was mass carnage.

“I am someone who cares about justice. Violations of justice and human rights are a threat to all of us, what happened in Rwanda, where we didn’t speak early enough and 800,000 people died. What should we do?” He asked listeners.

The International Committee On Nigeria, who runs the initiative, was created to be a voice for Nigerians who are being persecuted. The goal of the organization is to help Nigerians reach their true potential by helping abolish crime and also advocating for oppressed and minority groups.

Watson has always been a supporter of helping the persecuted and has also been an outspoken proponent of ending human and child trafficking and sex abuse. He and other NFL football players recently met with the Dominican Republic's Vice President to talk with him about ways to combat sex trafficking in the country.

There are about 2 million children caught up in child sex trafficking in the world. Watson and his wife have been an advocate for these children for many years, including partnering with the International Justice Mission, a non-profit that fights to free human and sex trafficking victims.

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