Abortion Doctor Calls Pro-Life Activist a Domestic Terrorist for Saying 'Abortion Is Violence'

John Paluska | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Tuesday, January 12, 2021
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Abortion Doctor Calls Pro-Life Activist a Domestic Terrorist for Saying 'Abortion Is Violence'

OB/Gyn Leah Torres recently called pro-life activist and Live Action founder Lila Rose a domestic terrorist for asserting that “abortion is violence.”

On Thursday, after Rose tweeted, “Abortion is violence,” Torres, a well-known abortion doctor, took to Twitter to assert that Rose’s rhetoric was “violent” and "what domestic terrorism looks like."

“This is violent rhetoric. It is objectively false and meant to incite others to commit crimes against clinics, patients, and health care providers. This is what domestic terrorism looks like,” Torres wrote.

Rose did not respond to Torres on Twitter, though the exchange did spark much debate among other pro-lifers and pro-abortion advocates.

One woman, a Michigan-based social worker questioned Torres' sentiments, simply writing, “By pointing out abortion is violent?”

Another Twitter user responded in Rose’s defense writing, “Abortion is murder, murder is violence, ergo...”

Torres responded to them asserting, “You’re objectively wrong, you’re using violent rhetoric, you’re a misogynist and most likely a white supremacist, ergo there’s the STFU.”

Graham Allen, the founder of Life 3:16, even joined in the debate, tweeting, "What’s more terrifying is how many stupid people have MD attached to their names...."

Another pro-lifer tweeted a video in support of Rose’s argument showing a preborn baby being torn apart limb from limb during an abortion.

While Rose had many supporters, others sided with Torres. One woman simply offered her support by writing, “I respect you so much.” 

In a poll done by Quillette author Steve Jacobs, he asked thousands of biologists when life begins, and 96 percent of them said life begins with “fertilization”. "As the usable responses began to come in, I found that 5,337 biologists (96 percent) affirmed that a human’s life begins at fertilization, with 240 (4 percent) rejecting that view. The majority of the sample identified as liberal (89 percent), pro-choice (85 percent) and non-religious (63 percent). In the case of Americans who expressed party preference, the majority identified as Democrats (92 percent)."

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