76 Percent of People Worldwide Want to Focus on Those in Need This Christmas: Survey

John Paluska | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Wednesday, December 16, 2020
76 Percent of People Worldwide Want to Focus on Those in Need This Christmas: Survey

76 Percent of People Worldwide Want to Focus on Those in Need This Christmas: Survey

A survey conducted by YouGov PLC, a polling agency, found that 63 percent of people would prefer it if someone gave a meaningful gift to someone else this Christmas rather than give a gift to them, The Christian Post reports.

YouGov's survey, which included participants from nine countries, also found that 76 percent of participants said focusing on people in need is important this Christmas. Further, the majority of people in 6 countries have either maintained or increased their charitable donations despite the lockdowns from the pandemic affecting their income.

The survey also polled people on whether they were optimistic about 2021, with 67 percent of respondents thinking 2021 will be better than 2020. Additionally, 69 percent said in 2021 "we could put the pandemic behind us." 

World Vision's International President and CEO Andrew Morley commented on the results of the survey, stating, "This year has been a difficult one for all of us around the world and vulnerable children have been especially affected. It’s heart-warming to see the giving spirit is still alive globally, and encouraging to see how much people want to help one another. I was moved to hear that it was in some of the countries where people have been worst affected by the pandemic or other catastrophes – South Africa, India, and Lebanon – people are still thinking about helping others. It proves that despite the challenges this year has brought, the majority of people want to prioritize kindness to others and selflessness, even when things are difficult in their own lives.”

The survey also found that visiting friends and family on Christmas is bringing people hope, with 70 percent of participants noting this.

"The best way to bring hope and joy as this year ends, is to make it count by helping others ... After the year we have all endured it is heartening to see that while this Christmas may be different for most, goodwill and Christmas spirit is still alive and strong," Morley stated.

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