61 Percent of Evangelicals Plan to Vote for Donald Trump, Survey Finds

John Paluska | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Friday, October 2, 2020
61 Percent of Evangelicals Plan to Vote for Donald Trump, Survey Finds

61 Percent of Evangelicals Plan to Vote for Donald Trump, Survey Finds

According to a new online poll from LifeWay Research, just 2 in 10 evangelicals plan to vote for Senator Joe Biden in the Presidential Race.

According to The Christian Post, the reason is between party and racial disputes and not which candidate aligns more closely to Scripture. White Evangelicals tend to support President Trump in a landslide, with a 7 to 1 ratio out of every 10 voters. However, Black Evangelicals are overwhelmingly Biden supporters by about the same margin. But among other ethnicities, Trump has the support of roughly 2 out of every 3 voters. Overall the survey found that 61 percent of Evangelicals plan to vote for the President.

But between Christians who attend church at least monthly, the candidates are roughly split, with Trump receiving 46 percent of support whereas Biden is receiving 45 percent of support. Additionally, roughly 6 in 10 White regular churchgoers support President Trump, but Biden has support from 8 in 10 Black regular churchgoers and 6 in 10 Hispanic regular churchgoers. According to Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research, the poll shows that "Different ethnic groups are more attuned to specific failures of our country and of specific candidates. One’s ethnicity and political party are more powerful in predicting the vote of someone with evangelical beliefs than their shared religious convictions alone."

This is one of the lowest dips President Trump has had from evangelical support. The Christian Post attributes it to President Trump's statements about White supremacy in the presidential debate, where some believed President Trump did not go far enough in denouncing white supremacists.

When asked during the debate if he would outrightly denounce White supremacy, the President responded by saying “sure,” but did not plainly say “I denounce White supremacy.”

President Trump has, however, designated the KKK as a terror organization in an Executive Order and nominated the first African American man in American history to head the U.S. Military.


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