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5-Year-Old Boy Prays with National Guard Member amid Kentucky Derby Protests

John Paluska | Contributor | Wednesday, September 9, 2020
5-Year-Old Boy Prays with National Guard Member amid Kentucky Derby Protests

5-Year-Old Boy Prays with National Guard Member amid Kentucky Derby Protests

During the Kentucky Derby Protests, a national guardsman was found on camera kneeling with a 5-year-old boy in prayer. The powerful moment reportedly brought “strength” to the soldiers there.

The national guardsman, Dan Otterson, told Fox News that he was in tears. “God sent a 5-year old boy to strengthen soldiers, and that’s something you can’t ever replicate,” he said.

After the prayer, Otterson went to talk with fellow soldiers about the interaction. He also posted a photo of him praying with the 5-year-old on his Facebook account, with a long explanation of what happened and why it came at a time that truly mattered for him and others. So far it has been shared nearly 600 times.

On his Facebook post, Otterson noted that his military unit had been regularly sent out to assist the local police department with monitoring heavily armed protestors and counter-protestors. One day, amid a crowd of protestors, Otterson noticed “an older black lady who had 3 very small children with her. She hung towards the back, was quiet, not saying anything towards my team or LMPD and waited for the majority of the protestors to thin out.”

Otterson then shared that “The lady approached our fence line and said that the youngest boy … wanted to pray for us.

“I could see he was timid so I approached him, got down on one knee, introduced myself and asked if he wanted to pray. What happened next was worth every second of our weekend. This little boy prayed harder and with more conviction, than I’ve ever seen anyone pray in my life,” Otterson asserted.

“He prayed for me, my team and our safety. He didn’t care about color, he didn’t care about occupation, he just wanted us to be safe and prayed that we would have a hedge of protection around us,” he added.

Otterson went on to note how impactful this moment was for him. “In a world full of aggression and tension this little boy showed that there is still love and compassion, regardless of skin color, gender or how you feel about my occupations. While I may never see that little boy again, I know he was sent in that moment to keep us safe.”

A beautiful moment in a crazy world; For those who don’t know, my military unit was sent to Louisville this weekend to...

Posted by Dan Otterson on Sunday, September 6, 2020

The powerful moment came in the midst of some of the largest protests Kentucky has ever seen over Kentucky closing down the Derbys over safety concerns from the Coronavirus. Louisville businesses are poised to lose hundreds of millions of dollars and residents have lost an iconic Kentucky event where excitement and family fun fare come to the state each year.

Some of Louisville’s biggest businesses have completely abandoned anything Kentucky Derby, and others have remarked how their business has completely sunk since Kentucky made the decree. But not all businesses are failing, one bakery had a line out the door because they were selling derby-themed treats.

Photo courtesy: Dan Otterson Facebook

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