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32nd Annual D.C. Bible Reading Marathon Kicks Off over the Weekend

John Paluska | Contributor | Monday, May 3, 2021
32nd Annual D.C. Bible Reading Marathon Kicks Off over the Weekend

32nd Annual D.C. Bible Reading Marathon Kicks Off over the Weekend

The 32nd Annual D.C. Bible Reading Marathon began this weekend from 2 pm Saturday, May 1, and will continue until 10 am, Wednesday, May 5.

The event is being streamed live on, and multiple members of Congress and several church congregations are taking part.

Despite traditionally being held at the West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol, organizers of the event were forced to find another venue over the impending inauguration, The Christian Post reports.

Amid the political officials said to be participating in the Bible Reading Marathon is Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz recorded a one-minute introduction for the marathon. In the introduction, he reportedly says, "I think the Bible's our first, most important document we have, and then the second would be our Constitution in this country. And, of course, the Constitution was … founded on biblical principles. And so, our goal is to try to get people to return back to that or think about that or show them the importance of it."

The D.C. Bible Reading Marathon was conceived because the organization behind it believes "the Bible is at the heart of America's founding principles, it should be voiced at the heart of our Federal Government, exhorting our nation to return to God's precepts." It was started by Dr. John Hash and Corinthia Boone in 1990. In 1994, Hash passed on leadership of the event to Michael Hall and his wife, Terry. The Halls had led the marathon for 26 straight years until 2019, when the Halls passed on leadership to Keith Davidson, and it became run by Seedline International. The organization's vision is "to publicly read God's Holy Word on the steps of the nation's Capitol, every year, for ninety consecutive hours."

Christian Headlines was unable to independently verifying which political leaders would be participating in the event. You can watch the stream by clicking here and pressing play on the video stream.

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