What I’m Thankful for Today: 9 Reminders from the Inauguration

Debbie McDaniel | iBelieve Contributing Writer | Monday, January 23, 2017

What I’m Thankful for Today: 9 Reminders from the Inauguration

Wow, what a weekend. Maybe you’re feeling some post-election fatigue, find yourself weary of debates and conflicting viewpoints, or just emotionally/spiritually spent from this process over long months.

I found that on Friday night, after watching the entire historical day unfold, all that I wanted to do was eat chips and queso or watch La La Land again…

But like so many of you, even with weary hearts, from many burdened days of prayer, there’s great joy in seeing God’s spirit at work. And I'm truly grateful for our nation.

Because even though we're aware that not all things, or people, or any of us, are perfect, God is and He still reigns.

9 Reminders from the Inauguration that I’m Thankful for Today:

1. We live in a free nation. Free to vote. Free to speak. Free to worship as we choose. Free to raise our families. We're free, and through Christ, that means forever.

2. Vice-President Pence had his Bible open when he was sworn in, to a verse that's in his heart for our nation, 2 Chronicles 7:14. That says so very much. Love.

3. The US military choir's rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic on Thursday evening was anointed and amazing. It was truly one of my favorite parts of the whole Inauguration. I'm proud to be an American and so thankful that no matter our differences or struggles, God is with us and His Truth lives on.

4. Our police force, military, and Secret Service are such incredible, unsung heroes. They do so much more than any of us may even know, and they're willing to stand guard and take a bullet on behalf of those they protect. May God be with them, and protect them and their families.

5. It rained when President Trump spoke, and Franklin Graham was gracious when he prayed how God often uses rain in the Bible to signify blessing, and he prayed a beautiful prayer for His blessing over our leaders and country.

6. The First Lady looked stunning and stylish, but what I love more is that both Melania Trump & Michelle Obama are strong, wise, compassionate women. And they are moms and I love watching them with their children.

7. Barron Trump. Kids in the White House just make the first family seem more "real," and no matter how you feel about his dad, everyone's heart is, or should be, cheering Barron on.

8. We can disagree and still love each other. We don't have to agree on everything to show respect or live peacefully. When a peaceful election/inauguration process is all we know from the years, we might take it for granted, but so many in other places only dream of this.

9. I'm thankful that God's Word and prayer were such a huge part of this day and process. I’m reminded again of how very powerful it is to be "One Nation Under God," and that our times are in His hands, which is a very great and secure place to be.

Thank you Lord that You are with us, and even in spite of all of our differences, we are still one Nation under God.

May God bless America, land that I love!


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Publication date: January 23, 2017



What I’m Thankful for Today: 9 Reminders from the Inauguration