Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines Speaks Out: 'We Refuse to Be Baited'

Debbie McDaniel | iBelieve Contributing Writer | Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines Speaks Out: 'We Refuse to Be Baited'

Chip Gaines has broken the silence about the recent controversy stirred up by a BuzzFeed article in regards to the couple’s church and their pastor’s biblical views on homosexuality. Since Nov. 29th when the article was published, the Gaineses have been targeted, prodded, and pushed to speak out about their views. Instead, they choose to remain virtually silent through the month of December.

Until now…

In a blog post titled, Chip’s New Year’s Revelation, “Fixer Upper” star Chip Gaines shares his thoughts about what he and Joanna have walked through this past month, and what they are choosing to stand on as they move forward.

“This past year has been tough. In my lifetime, I can’t recall humanity being more divided. Plenty of folks are sad and scared and angry and there are sound bites being fed to us that seem fueled by judgement, fear and even hatred. Jo and I refuse to be baited into using our influence in a way that will further harm an already hurting world, this is our home. A house divided cannot stand.”

He goes on to state that in 2017, “We have decided to change the conversation.”

“If there is any hope for all of us to move forward, to heal and to grow – we have got to learn to engage people who are different from us with dignity and with love. Joanna and I have personal convictions. One of them is this: we care about you for the simple fact that you are a person, our neighbor on planet earth. It’s not about what color your skin is, how much money you have in the bank, your political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, or faith. That’s all fascinating, but it cannot add or take away from the reality that we’re already pulling for you. We are not about to get in the nasty business of throwing stones at each other, don’t ask us to cause we won’t play that way.”

The Gaineses clearly encourage healing and restoration, compassion and kindness, no matter what our differences may be. He says those are the conversations they want to have with others, not divisive but restoring, because that is all about what they do.

And many of us would agree, that’s where true hope and help are found. Not in stirring up controversies and fueled fires of anger, but in the realization of this: “…we do not all have to agree with each other. Disagreement is not the same thing as hate, don’t believe that lie.”

Chip’s bottom line from the article says: “I would rather be loving than be right.” He and Joanna feel called to be “bridge builders,” inspiring others to understand that we can “lovingly disagree.”

“We propose operating with a love so real and true that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work alongside the very people that are most unlike you. Fear dissolves in close proximity. Our stereotypes and vain imaginations fall away when we labor side by side. This is how a house gets unified.”

In a Tweet from December 1st, Chip Gaines shared this, “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. DO EVERYTHING IN LOVE.” Wisdom from the Word, and a great way for us all to live out our days.

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Publication date: January 4, 2017