A Prayer for Turkey and Syria After the Devastating Earthquake

Christopher Eyte

Christopher Eyte

Violent Wave by Extremists Expected 'for Weeks' amid Roe v. Wade Decision

Violence by extremists following the overturning of Roe v. Wade is likely to last "for weeks," according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  report cited by ABC News.

Bakers Fined for Refusing Gay Wedding Cake Fundraise for New Business

Melissa and Aaron Klein, who had to close their bakery after a 10-year legal fight when they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, are planning to open a new shop in their new Montana home. On their fundraising page, Melissa expressed her gratitude and faith.

Pennsylvania Church Seeks 'Greater Punishment' for Former Treasurer after Theft and Forgery

A Pennsylvania church says they want their former church treasurer to be given a 'greater punishment' for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in church funds.

Episcopal Church in North Texas Joins Another Diocese

The Episcopal Church in North Texas (ECNTX) has unanimously voted (69 votes to 0) to become part of another Episcopal diocese – after a recent legal fight with a runaway diocese about church property worth $100 million.

Parents Given Right to Appeal Court Decision to Stop Boy's Life Support Treatment

A Judge has allowed the parents of a comatose boy the right to appeal the court's decision to take him off life support.

Megachurch to Pay $13.1 Million to Leave the UMC

A Georgia megachurch will pay $13.1 million to leave the United Methodist Church denomination and become an independent entity.

Steven Curtis Chapman Honored with First-Ever Christian Icon BMI Award

Legendary contemporary Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman was named the first-ever Christian Icon at this year's Broadcast Music, Inc. Christian Awards.

COVID-19 Slashes Numbers at Episcopal Church's 80th General Convention

Attendance at the Episcopal Church's 80th General Convention (GC80) -- scheduled to take place in July -- is expected to be substantially lower than usual, with many delegates choosing not to go because of COVID-19-related concerns.

UK Judge Permits Doctors to Remove Boy from Life Support despite Mother's Pleas

A Judge in the United Kingdom has told doctors caring for a boy suffering from brain damage to remove him from life support, going against the wishes of his Christian parents.