Ann Voskamp: From Giving Us One Thousand Gifts to Offering Three Ways to Be a Blessing in Aleppo

Andy Beth Miller | Contributor to | Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ann Voskamp: From Giving Us One Thousand Gifts to Offering Three Ways to Be a Blessing in Aleppo

Recently, well-known Christian author and blogger Ann Voskamp took to her website to pen a post about a young girl she met named Sham. The young girl, just a child, Voskamp introduces as a child of the Aleppo crisis: “just a girl standing on the edge of the world—begging with all the others.” 

Voskamp continues to paint the picture of the children affected by the Aleppo crisis and their present plight, voicing for them, “We’re just kids, kids in Aleppo, standing on the brink of the world, asking the world to let us live.” An assertion to which Voskamp immediately follows with a bold challenge to her readers, as well as admittedly to herself, posing the question, “How is that too much to ask?”

And although Voskamp writes that she is all too aware that it is an inconvenient time for this crisis—it being the Christmas holiday season and all—she also writes that we should give ourselves a huge reality check, as “We’re saying yes to our kids right now—and there are kids in Aleppo who need all of our yeses right now.”

Voskamp continues her reasoning for our reaching out, explaining that, “Because for such a times as now, we are all Esthers living in our own kind of warn and safe palaces, Esthers called to risk everything for those bleeding and dying and crying children outside the gate.”

Voskamp’s urging reaches an apex within her blog as she concludes boldly that we have no excuse not to intervene, “Because it’s incomprehensible…that we live in our collective home of earth and co-exist together—while children are being shot in the streets, we just quietly go about picking out gifts to wrap underneath of trees.”

And although her remarks may seem harsh to some, rather than simply trying to guilt or shame her readers into feeling badly for enjoying their Christmas seasons or living in our privileged world, Voskamp reveals her true intentions for her post: action. She urges her audience that, “We’ll never learn the lessons of history—if we fail to act as agents of change in the story now,” then directly follows this with three tangible ways to get involved and make a difference, today.


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Publication date: December 14, 2016