SWBTS Grad Student Advances to Next Round on America's Got Talent

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Updated: Jul 06, 2023
SWBTS Grad Student Advances to Next Round on&nbsp;<em>America's Got Talent</em>

SWBTS Grad Student Advances to Next Round on America's Got Talent

A Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary student is moving on to the next round of the NBC talent competition show America’s Got Talent.

Lachuné Boyd, originally from South Carolina, received a standing ovation for her performance of Coldplay’s “Yellow” in late June, The Christian Post reports.

Boyd is a pastor’s child and Master of Music Student at the Fort Worth, Texas-based seminary school.

“You have a beautiful, beautiful voice, and I am really fascinated by you. It was a fantastic audition,” said judge Simon Cowell, the SWBTS website noted.

Judge Howie Mandel also praised her performance, saying, “You showed us that these walls that people feel like they’re stuck behind, you make them yourself. You tore down that wall, and luckily, you did because you made your way right here, and your life is about to change.”

Judges Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara also voted “yes” for Boyd.

Boyd is one semester away from earning her graduate degree from the SWBTS. She is part of the school’s Cowden Hall Band and the Southwestern A Cappella Choir.

“Lachuné is nearly finished with her master’s in vocal performance,” said Joseph Crider, the dean of the School of Church Music and Worship at SWBTS. “And not only is she gifted as a singer, she is a deep well in her understanding of aesthetics and the biblical foundations of her art as a singer/musician.”

Boyd has worked as an artist of residence in Fort Worth and recently released her first recording project, “Sing Hallelujah!” She is also a vocal coach.

“Unlike auditioning for an ensemble, you are really alone when you are auditioning for AGT,” she said. “Because it is you, not a group, it was a bit lonelier of an experience for me compared to when I audition for a band.”

Boyd also attended North Greenville University in Tigersville, South Carolina.

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SWBTS Grad Student Advances to Next Round on America's Got Talent