Beth Moore Pushes Back Against Christian Nationalism in Viral Tweet

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Beth Moore Pushes Back Against Christian Nationalism in Viral Tweet

Beth Moore Pushes Back Against Christian Nationalism in Viral Tweet

Christian leader and author Beth Moore is going viral for a tweet she made this week about Christian nationalism.

In the tweet, Moore wrote that she does not support the idea of Christian nationalism, where Christian views and politics are heavily informed by one another.

“Christian nationalism isn’t the way ahead for Jesus followers. Christian faithfulness is,” the renowned Bible teacher explained. “It’s fidelity to Christ—not fidelity to notions of American Christianity or to any political party—that will bring light into this present darkness. The church is bride to no one but Christ.”

Moore has over 1 million followers on Twitter and has received over 14,000 likes and almost 700 comments on the post.

Many responded with “amen” replies to her tweet, offering support for her stance, reports.

“Totally agree,” one comment said. “I am also a child of a veteran that fought for our country to be free and have a real heart for America. I don’t see any party or leader as anything but an opportunity to vote for what may be a chance to preserve the precious gift we have had in this country.”

But others said they disagreed with her.

“The concept is simple. America is a Christian nation, and if we want to preserve our Christian culture for ourselves and our future children. By allowing anything other, to either exist within the country or enter into the country will destroy that. Thus, Christian nationalism.”

Another wrote that “Some Christian Republicans are trying to steward the free nation God gave us, & judging those who do seems legalistic. Granted, 'some' are idolizing Trump, but don’t label ALL Christian Nationalists.”

Previously, Moore has drawn headlines for her tweets, which in some cases have stirred controversy.

In late July, she came under fire for a tweet that referred to her having a “crush on Jesus.”

“I’m growing grapes for reals,” said Moore, posting a picture of grapes. “It’s like a miracle. In fifty-jillion-degree weather. If Jesus is trying to get me to have a crush on him, it’s working.”

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