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8 Testify against Brian Houston in Sex Abuse Cover-up Case

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Thursday, February 16, 2023
8 Testify against Brian Houston in Sex Abuse Cover-up Case

8 Testify against Brian Houston in Sex Abuse Cover-up Case

The defense team on the side of Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston only presented one witness – Houston himself – to show Houston's innocence, Houston's wife, Bobbie, said.

"The Crown Prosecution presented eight witnesses. Our Defense presented one – Brian Houston. All evidence was heard, all evidence is recorded," Bobbie shared in an Instagram update on the case earlier this month. "Now the case is adjourned till June for oral & written summaries, final arguments & then the Magistrate alone will rule."

A photo of Brain Houston

Houston is facing allegations that he hid knowledge of his late father's sexual abuse of a young boy during the 1970s. Houston also allegedly helped his father avoid criminal prosecution. He was formally charged with failing to report the abuse in 2021 following a two-year investigation by Australia’s New South Wales Police.

Court hearings in the case took place in December.

Houston has denied the claims against him, but prosecutors say he knew about the 1970 incident with the young boy as early as September 1999.

His wife said she would "die on my sword" to defend Houston's innocence, The Christian Post reports.

"I'm weary of the relentless assault on this man, weary of the unchallenged, uncontained narratives left to fester. I vowed to him last [year] that if no one stands up & vindicates his integrity, character & worth, I will. And I'll die on my sword if need be," she wrote.

"That might sound dramatic, but I have no reason to say otherwise. Modern-day persecution is accusatory, cowardly & appalling. Those who perpetrate it should be sued for defamation & damaging bullying, but because that isn't the nature of Christ, we will continue to pray for you. Just remember, dear ones, that the Courts of Heaven exist & no action or word or ill-intent goes unobserved," she said.

Frank Houston, Houston's father, died in 2004. He served as the Assemblies of God in New Zealand head until 1971. Brian Houston founded Hillsong in 1983.

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Brian A Jackson

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8 Testify against Brian Houston in Sex Abuse Cover-up Case