Shane Idleman

Shane Idleman

This Easter, Don't Forget about the Cross

The cross, sin, and repentance have never been popular terms even though they are at the heart of the Christian faith. Jesus Himself said that the cross would be offensive. Sadly, many today water down the gospel and avoid talking about the cross. They want the Bible to be more appealing and marketable. But truth is not marketable! We are to guard it, proclaim it, and defend it, but never compromise it.

God's Not Done: 3 Ways to Benefit from Trials

God is giving us a chance to stop, take a breath, and focus on prayer. Discouragement is Satan’s tool to keep people in bondage, but it’s also God’s magnet to draw them to Himself.

Beyond COVID-19: You Must Travail before You Prevail

How many blessings are waiting at the brink? How many promises are yet to be fulfilled? How many prayers are being hindered because of besetting, unconfessed sin? Take time now to follow the example of the blind beggar of Mark 10:46-52 and repent: “[Jesus], Son of David, have mercy on me!” God often crushes our pride to open our ears.

Overcoming Fear & Conquering Chaos: 10 Tips for Turbulent Times

During difficult seasons we often ask, “Where is God?” The irony is that it often takes stormy seasons to turn us back toward safety. The COVID-19 virus is serious and I believe that God wants us to take this pandemic seriously and be concerned about the health and safety of others.

COVID-19: 8 Things You Need to Know from a Pastoral Perspective

During this moment in world history filled with fear and unknowns, many of us are left wondering where we should turn for encouragement and hope. I turn to the Bible for directions. Here are 8 things you may want to know amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Why We Should Vote for Principles, Not Personality Traits

We have a politician actually doing what he said he would do. His past is not perfect, but he is guiding America in the right direction. He is surrounded by many godly men and women, and many governmental agencies are now hosting Bible studies.

Don't Give Up On America: Here's Why We Urgently Need Hope and Prayer

Prayerlessness in the pulpit leads to apostasy and dead sermons. Prayerlessness in the pew leads to shattered lives and depression. Prayerlessness in men leads to the breakdown of the family. “When faith ceases to pray, it ceases to live” (E.M. Bounds).

Looking to the Primaries: A New Type of Leader Must Arise

Many early Americans, including most of the Founders, understood that in order for a nation to thrive and prosper, God’s Word must provide the basis for the government and the welfare of society. I’m not suggesting a theocracy, nor were the Founders, but I am suggesting a return to Judeo-Christian values.

I Went to the U.S.-Mexico Border: This Is What I Really Saw

I recently went to the border and what I found was both remarkable and disheartening. Remarkable in that I was able to see firsthand the care and compassion demonstrated by our Border Patrol and Customs officers—the task is enormous. And disheartening because these truths are not being adequately told to the American people and, instead, are being twisted for political gain.

Are Christians Who Support Donald Trump Hypocrites?

The problem Christianity is facing today is the battle over truth. Many people claiming to be Christians are embracing liberal theology, and most of them are against President Trump. This group typically has a problem with the inerrancy of Scripture as well as difficult truths, such as repentance, judgment, and sin.