Shane Idleman

Shane Idleman

How to Rest in Turbulent Times

Expending energy has a time and a very important place in our lives—we were created to work. But we were also created to rest. The problem for many is that they never stop and rest.

America—What Happened? From Failed Prophecies to Collapse

As much as we wanted an administration that is less hostile to Christ and His bride, could it be that God is giving us a rude awakening in order to usher in a great awakening?

Is 2021 the Great Reset of the Church?

I believe that the church today in America resembles the Laodicean church more than at any other time in our history. Sadly, conviction is replaced with complacency, and God's glory is often replaced with gimmicks and marketing ploys.

Trumpism and Nationalism—a Response to Division and Divisiveness in the Church

The current political climate and the politics that have invaded the church are causing increased division among those who profess to be Christians. Here are a few points I’m hoping will help address this growing division.

Does Supporting President Trump Hurt the Gospel?

A faction fueling confusion amid the election is the group who says that Christians who support President Trump are hurting the gospel. I recently spent time with Christians who take this position. Though I left that meeting with a better understanding of how people feel, I was more convinced than ever of the dangers of allowing our feelings to outweigh objective truth.

Trump's Character Is Not the Issue - Why I Can't Take the Character Charge Seriously

Many have insisted that they cannot vote for President Trump because of the content of his character. While character is obivioulsy important, I ask, if a man has decent character according to some, yet believes in infanticide and in euthanizing the disabled, do we look at his character over his policies? Of course not. God doesn’t judge a nation based on the character of one man, but He may judge it based on the spiritual health of her people. Policy often speaks louder than character (although ideally, they should match). 

Churches Must Fight or They'll Fade Away

At what point does the church take a stand? Thank God for people like John MacArthur, Rob McCoy, Jack Hibbs, Ken Graves, and others who are fanning the flames of boldness. I believe that if some churches don’t open soon, they won’t open at all, especially once flu season arrives and those who have the flu will then be suspected of having COVID.

There Is Another in the Fire with You

There is no hindrance too great, no battle too hard, and no power too strong to overpower God. Nothing can thwart His plans. We can take great comfort in that, but what do you do when you’re going through the fire—through the trial?

Are the Days of the Silent Pastor Over?

Politics that once focused largely on the economy, national security, and the deficit, now tackles important moral issues. These major issues have enormous implications; to remain silent actually makes a statement that we are not concerned enough. This is not just about the loss of jobs; it’s about the loss of morality. This shift requires us to stay closely involved. Topics that are “too controversial” are often critically important; we can no longer ignore them.

10 Key Takeaways from #EvangelicalsForTrump

I recently attended an Evangelicals For Trump rally. Here are 10 major takeaways I got from the event.