A Prayer for Turkey and Syria After the Devastating Earthquake

Shane Idleman

Shane Idleman

If We Prepare the Sacrifice, God Will Bring the Fire

According to the Scriptures, there are five spiritual principles that often spark a spiritual awakening and keep it going. Prayer and fasting ignite the fire, but the following scriptural truths fan the flames:

Oh God, Would You Please Rip Open the Heavens!

Do we really believe that all the evil in this world will simply reverse itself? No, it's only going to get worse unless God's people pull down heaven. It's time to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. We must cry out, "Oh God, would you rip heaven open and come down?" We must wait on God and seek Him like never before because He "acts for the one who waits for Him" (Isaiah 64:4).

Bethel Church Responds to Pastor's Request for Clarification on Beliefs

Is it possible to not endorse or agree with Bethel church but still listen to their worship in a corporate setting? I'm not endorsing and promoting Bethel. I have concerns too. I understand that playing a church's music (in a sense) is viewed as promoting them. I get that, but there is a huge difference between direct promotion and indirect promotion because we have to legally acknowledge the source of the songs for licensing reasons.

The Cry of the Prophets—A Call to Anguish

Don't let feelings of unworthiness keep you from surrendering and submitting your life to Jesus. Paraphrasing C.H. Spurgeon, "When Satan tells me I am unworthy, I remind Him that I've always been unworthy, and yet, God still loves me."

Oh God, Rend the Heavens and Heal our Crippled Churches and Dying Nation

If we are to expect God to heal the crippled church and our dying nation, we must pray like Isaiah, "Oh God, rend the heavens and come down" (Isaiah 64:1). And like the woman in the parable of the unjust judge, we must keep asking (Luke 18:1–8). Prayer must be brought back into our churches, real prayer that searches the soul and penetrates the heart.

What If a Prophet Is Wrong?

A "prophet," as mentioned in the Bible, can be anyone in a position of spiritual authority or claiming to be. They are not to be elevated or idolized. We follow Christ, not men. False teachers aren't ostentatiously dressed in red, armed with a pitchfork. They often provide layers of truth mixed with error, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

America's Achilles' Heel: Powerless Sermons and Prayerless Churches

The term "Achilles' heel" refers to an area of weakness and vulnerability. The American church today has an Achilles' heel—a lack of prayer and powerful preaching. Pastors, it's time to stop tiptoeing through the tulips of political correctness and repair the Achilles' heel of cowardliness.

Will You Pay the Price for a National Awakening?

America crossed a dangerous line years ago. Instead of repenting and turning back to God, we have walked further into the deep waters of ungodliness. The decadence and brutality in our streets are unparalleled in our history. Despair and depression reign in our land. But—believe it or not—I am hopeful.

Bored with God—Complacency in the Midst of Chaos

Will you have to lose your job, your retirement, your health, or your comfort before you finally wake up? From mass shootings and civil unrest to the promotion of perverted sexual sin and the indoctrination of children, we can all add to the list. So my question is: What's it going to take to get us back on our knees? It seems that most Christians are bored with God. When everything is on the line, they still have no desire to seek Him.