Shane Idleman

America Needs to Turn Back to God

The upward trend of active shooter incidents in America since Columbine is alarming. What in the world is going on? In short, our nation has rejected God, and we are reaping the whirlwind. Just as water rapidly eroded the banks of the mighty Colorado River and created a vast Grand Canyon, America’s current belief system (relativism) has eroded her foundation and created a moral void.

Pastors: Stop Trying to be Popular—Speak as a Dying Man to Dying Men

As our nation falls deeper into the abyss of sin, one would think that pastors would rise up and follow Paul’s plea: “Be on guard; stand firm in your faith [in God, respecting His precepts and keeping your doctrine sound]. Act like [mature] men and be courageous; be strong” (1 Corinthians 16:13, AMB). But sadly, it seems that many are running from the battle rather than to it.

Thunderous Applause over Murdering Children – Will it Happen Again?

A.B. 2223 will make infanticide (the killing of born babies) legal in California. Will thunderous applause take place if AB2223 passes? Will pastors have the blood of the innocent on their hands (if they don’t already)? Time will tell, but if this doesn’t wake America up, I’m not sure what will. Our passivity is simply a reflection of a cold and callous heart, and remember, as California goes, so goes the nation.

Five Sure Signs of a Dying Church

Church is boring for most because the power of God has vanished from many congregations ... there is a lack of desire to pursue Him in the pulpit as well as in the pew. Like Samson, they "know not that the Spirit of the Lord has departed" (cf. Judge 16:20). High attendance is not the gauge of success, faithfulness is. Granted, a healthy church should experience seasons of growth, but even cults generate large numbers of followers. Here are five simple ways to gauge the health of a church and a believer:

'Business as Usual' Isn't Going to Cut it Anymore

Without a doubt, the one thing that always stands out about genuine spiritual awakenings is that they are birthed in the inner chamber of prayer as well as obedience to God's Word. "Business as usual" is not going to cut it in these dire times. I truly believe that our finest hour will be when we have labored for the Lord and lie exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.

Is This Our Last Stand – Our Last Chance?

Is it our last stand—our last chance? Who knows? I'll let God answer that question, but as for me and my house and our church, we will serve the Lord and fight the good fight of faith. We will fuel the flames of revival. We will till the soil of our heart and prepare for the downpour of the Spirit. We will continue praying that God would rend the heavens, come down, and strengthen His church. When it's over, I want to be found lying exhausted on the battlefield rather than running in fear. How about you? If this is our last stand, will you finish strong?