Shane Idleman

Shane Idleman

'Trump Lies' — And Other False Statements We Are Told about the President

When determining if we should support the President, we must do our own independent, as politically neutral research as possible, because simply put, the media is full of lies and biased opinions.

Donald Trump Could Lose in 2020

As the race for the presidency ramps up, it is important to consider that there is a very real possibility that President Trump loses the election.

How Can You Follow Jesus and Support Donald Trump?

God doesn’t judge a nation based on the character of one man; He judges it based on the spiritual health of her people. Never forget that.

The Great Divide - Why Are Some Pastors Political and Others Are Not?

The primary goal of the church is not to become a political movement, but a spiritual influence. Politics won’t save America any more than a dumbbell will save someone drowning. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore our God-given civic responsibility and the enormous impact that politics has on our society.

Why Pastors Must Speak Out about Abortion

Abortion has killed tens of millions of people since it was legalized in 1973 and pastors have a responsibility to speak out against the practice.

Christians Are Warmongers and Other Lies on the 2020 Campaign Trail

The 2020 presidential elections are ten months away and as such, politicians will soon begin heavily lobbying for themselves. In 2016, lies were thrown around on the campaign trail dubbing Christians fearmongers and racists. Here is what you should expect this time around. 

Why Do Christian Leaders Fall? - What We Can Learn from Todd Bentley

It’s possible to be sorry about the consequences of sin, but not truly repentant. A penitent person turns from their sin. They accept full responsibility for their actions without blame, resentment, or bitterness. When repentance is genuine, reconciling with those injured is a priority. Forgiveness is sought without conditions.

What if America Continues to Ignore the Warning Signs?

While Americans are concerned with terrorism, and rightly so, there is a greater threat from within. We are witnessing the rapid deterioration of a nation before our eyes. We have become one nation “above” God, rather than under God.

How the Christianity Today Op-Ed Is Dividing Christians

 Christians only seem to be divided because many claiming to be “Christians” are not genuinely saved, or they have a wrong view of government. As a result, their perception of truth is skewed, hence the divide. They are led by Hollywood, not the Holy Spirit. Ironically, Hollywood, liberals and progressives also liked Mark Galli’s op-ed. If Hollywood and the national media are on your side, there’s a problem.

Preach the Whole Truth ... Except If it Offends?

There is a very troubling trend in the evangelical church as a whole. Today, the truth is often neglected, watered-down, or avoided altogether in the hope of not offending members and building a large audience. Judgment is never mentioned, repentance is never sought and sin is often excused. We want to build a church rather than break a heart; be politically correct rather than biblically correct; coddle and comfort rather than stir and convict.