Scott Slayton

Scott Slayton

Southern Baptist Convention Approves Sex Abuse Reforms

The Southern Baptist Convention took another step towards addressing sexual abuse in its churches Tuesday by approving several sex abuse reforms during the first day of the denomination's annual meeting.

Record Flooding Causes Yellowstone National Park to Close

Yellowstone National Park closed Monday after rainfall and snowmelt caused “record flooding.” Park Superintendent Cam Sholly said the combination had caused “substantial flooding, rockslides and mudslides on roadways.”

Franklin Graham Preaches the Gospel to Nearly 70,000 in Brazil

A crowd of nearly 70,000 gathered to hear Franklin Graham preach a message of hope in Rio De Janeiro over the weekend. The event, billed as “Esperanca Rio,” meaning “Hope Rio,” came about through the work of over 4,000 churches.

John Crist Releases New Comedy Special after Scandal, Rehab, and Redemption

Comedian John Crist released a new comedy special last week, his first since his Netflix special was canceled three years ago. He recorded the special, “John Crist: What Are We Doing,” at the Lyric Theater in Birmingham, AL.

Church Led by Conservative Baptist Network Leader Ordered to Turnover Financial Records

In late May, Judge Charles Smith of the 26th Judicial Court in Bossier Parish ordered First Baptist Church Bossier City and their pastor, Brad Jurkovich, to turn over a litany of documents dating back to 2013 after a group seeking to "change the direction" of the Southern Baptist Convention filed a lawsuit against the church.

6 Black Christian Leaders Every Christian Should Know About

The PBS series The Black Church recently highlighted the history and the contribution of the Black Church to American life and the broader Christian church. Many Christians do not know the rich history of the Black church, so, in that spirit, this article shares seven Black Christian Leaders you should know about. Each one has made or is making a unique contribution to the larger Christian church.

As with any list of this nature, there will be people the author omitted who could have been included. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather is intended to introduce you to some Black Christian leaders, both present and future, whose ministries are a blessing to the larger church and who whose ministries would make a significant impact in your Christian life.

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Should We Speak Publicly about the Sins of Christian Leaders?

After the late Ravi Zacharias was preliminarily found was guilty of sexual misconduct, many wondered why Christian news organizations would report these findings since Zacharias is already dead. There are several issues at play in determining whether or not Christians should air the previously unreported sins of public ministry figures after their death, but the primary one is this – Ravi Zacharias sinned against numerous women. We, as followers of Jesus, owe it to them to hear their stories, acknowledge their pain, and advocate for them to receive the restitution they deserve.

Despite Attitudes about Marriage Rapidly Changing, Most Americans Hope to Get Married

According to a new Gallup poll, despite changing attitudes toward marriage, most Americans still want to get married someday.

Hungary Adds New Amendment to Constitution Defining Marriage as Union of One Man and One Woman

The Hungarian Parliament has just approved a Constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.