Tidbits on Tween Spending

Jim Liebelt | Senior Writer, Editor and Researcher for the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University | Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tidbits on Tween Spending

In reading an article on tween fashion I came across some demographic information and am passing these tidbits on tween spending along to you...

• Still influenced by mom, 8- to 14-year-olds can't drive to the mall but wield $43 billion in annual spending power, according to C&R Research data in EPM Communications' Tween Spending & Influence report. Marketers have expanded the age range for tweens beyond its narrow definition of 9- to 12-year-olds.

• Tweens primarily get their spending money from their parents, typically receiving $35 a week in allowance during the summer and $11 during the school year, said Ira Mayer, publisher of the New York-based Youth Markets Alert newsletter.

• The U.S. tween market is made up of about 21 million young people.

Source: Dallas Morning News