The Britney-fication of Miley Cyrus?

Jim Liebelt | Senior Writer, Editor and Researcher for the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University | Monday, October 20, 2008

The Britney-fication of Miley Cyrus?

Following in the footsteps of previous tween celebrities, Miley Cyrus seems committed to the same pathway, starting as a G-rated wholesome role model and moving to an R-rated persona in no time flat. Evidence? First we had the Vanity Fair pictures that Miley apologized for. More recently, photos showed up on the Internet of Miley (clothed) in the shower, and the news that she is dating a 20-year-old young man. Today, I saw the headline "Miley Cyrus Parades 'Seductive' Antics". It seems the progression for tween celebrities is clear. Build a tween audience through some wholesome media vehicle. Then in a few years, create some new buzz by turning "mature" to ensure that you can keep the audience interested as they head into adolesence. Meanwhile, parents who enabled their kids' connection to the celebrity in the wholesome years, are left holding the bag trying to figure out how to deal with the celebrity's change of persona with their kids now. Caveat Emptor.

Miley Cyrus Parades 'Seductive' Antics

Provocative teen Miley Cyrus has stolen the show at LA Fashion Week — despite only being a member of the audience.

Cyrus, 15, licked her lips "seductively" at her 20-year-old model boyfriend Justin Gaston as he strutted down the runway and repeatedly blew kisses at her, the New York Post reports.

Later the pair were spotted "all over each other" backstage at the Christian Audigier show, which was also attended by Cyrus's mother Leticia, the newspaper said.

Cyrus was also reportedly overheard telling a friend "she was probably staying at Justin's tonight and that they were going to skip the after-party and have a party of their own."

But a spokesperson for the Hannah Montana star insisted the "sleeping-over thing never happened".

"Miley went home with her mum and manager. Leticia is very strict with her."

The teen star's antics overshadowed much of the show and a number of other high-profile attendees in the audience, including Heidi Klum and Billy Zane.

Cyrus's wholesome Disney image has received a battering after provocative self-portraits of her posing in the shower and pulling her shirt up to reveal her bra were leaked onto the internet.

Source: NineMSN

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