Teens Still Texting While Driving

Jim Liebelt | Senior Writer, Editor and Researcher for the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University | Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teens Still Texting While Driving

Despite high profile campaigns against distracted driving, a new survey from insurer State Farm indicates many teens might be ignoring the message.

The survey, conducted for State Farm by Harris Interactive, finds that just 43% of drivers ages 16 and 17 say they have never texted while driving — the same percentage as in the insurer's first survey in 2010.

Yet 76% of teens ages 14-17 agree that "if you regularly text and drive, someday you will be killed while driving," and 93% agree that "if you regularly text and drive, someday you will get into an accident."

The survey shows some progress: Fewer teen drivers say they "very often" text while driving, and more say they do it "rarely" than in the 2010 survey.

The survey emphasizes the vital role of parents in fighting teen texting and driving. Among the teens who text, 67% talk often with their parents about driving; that rises to 82% among teens who never text while driving.

Source: USA Today