Social Media Goes to the Bathroom

Jim Liebelt | Senior Writer, Editor and Researcher for the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University | Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Social Media Goes to the Bathroom

If you have found yourself using Facebook and Twitter in the bathroom, you are not alone.

Nearly one-third (32%) of the heaviest adopters of social networks — those ages 18 to 24— connect with sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the bathroom. The new data, from NM Incite, offer a glimpse into the growing devotion that Americans have to social networks.

Time spent on social networks increased 37% over 12 months ago, according to the new report.

"Social media is truly everywhere in people's lives," says Deirdre Bannon, vice president of social-media solutions at NM Incite, a joint venture of Nielsen and consulting firm McKinsey & Co. "It is so ingrained and has touched every facet of everything we do all day long. We are literally taking our phones with us to the bathroom and connecting on social media."

Linking up with social networks in the loo transcends ages. More than one-fourth (28%) of those ages 25-34 are bathroom social networkers, as are 15% of those ages 35-44. Both sexes are equally likely to use social networks in the bathroom, with 14% of them saying they do.

The findings come from Nielsen data gathered from more than 200,000 Internet users during July and roughly parallels online measurement firm ComScore's recent estimate of a U.S. Internet audience of 234.9 million on PCs and mobile devices.

Combining all devices, overall time spent on social networks rose 37% — the average woman spent 18 hours and 20 minutes per month, while men spent about 13 hours. The biggest social networkers? Those ages 18-24 who spend more than 21 hours each month on social networks, followed by the 25-34 age group at more than 20 hours.

Source: USA Today