HomeWord's Culture Blog Gains Recognition Among Top Culture Blogs on the Internet

Jim Liebelt | Senior Writer, Editor and Researcher for the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University | Friday, December 9, 2016

HomeWord's Culture Blog Gains Recognition Among Top Culture Blogs on the Internet

Recently, Feedspot rated the HomeWord Culture Blog as #26 in its top 50 listing of “Best Culture Blogs on the Planet.”

The content found on HomeWord's Culture Blog is reposted here, on Crosswalk.com, in its entirety.

The ranking positions HomeWord’s youth culture blog among global media powerhouses such as NPR, the BBC, Reddit, the Huffington Post, and the LA Times.

Only the blog, Christ and Pop Culture (#8), ranked above HomeWord as a culture blog produced by a Christian ministry-based organization.

The Feedspot recognition comes as a welcome affirmation of HomeWord’s goal for its Culture Blog: to be a source for up-to-date youth culture that enables parents and church leaders to be more effective in their roles, while deepening their understanding of our changing times.

“Since the inception of the HomeWord Culture Blog back in December of 2007, my personal aim was to create a consistent online presence and to become a trusted provider of current and relevant youth culture information,“ said Jim Liebelt, HomeWord’s Senior Writer, Editor, and Researcher.

“I’m very pleased with the Feedspot recognition. I view it as a statement that our culture blog has achieved a level of trust and good reputation. Over these past nine years, we’ve produced some 2,500 blog posts, and so I believe we’ve hit the target of becoming consistent. While the decision of what to post each day includes a measure of my own editorial discretion, we blog about the most relevant youth culture issues each week, and understand that parents and church leaders choose how they use that information. The bottom line for us is to provide them with the information they need to stay current and informed,” added Liebelt.

HomeWord’s Culture Blog is also published on Christianheadlines.com.

To view Feedspot’s complete listing of the top 50 culture blogs, click the source link below.

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