Hello Crosswalk. Happy to be here.

Jim Liebelt | Senior Editor of Publications for HomeWord | Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello Crosswalk. Happy to be here.

My blog is all about passing along newsy tidbits about today's youth culture. My goal is to help adults who care about and influence kids to become "students of the culture" by providing them with one-stop-shopping for issues impacting kids and parenting. Wherever I deem it helpful, I'll toss in some of my own perspectives. And, of course, I invite you to join in on the discussion.

I'm excited to be here, and I hope you'll find this blog helpful!

I've been blogging for the better part of a year on my HomeWord blog site (well, okay, technically it's a TypePad site.) But, instead of reposting here the 213 posts I've already made there, just head over to Jim Liebelt's Youth Culture Watch if you want to do some catching up on recent youth culture. From today on, anything I post there will be posted here as well.