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40 Percent of Twitter Messages "Pointless Babble"

Jim Liebelt | Senior Editor of Publications for HomeWord | Tuesday, August 18, 2009

40 Percent of Twitter Messages "Pointless Babble"

My only surprise is that the percentage is so low. By the way, I'm sipping my morning coffee right now from my stainless steel mug. Mmmmm.

Forty percent of the messages on Twitter are "pointless babble" along the lines of "I am eating a sandwich now," according to a study conducted by a US market research firm. Pear Analytics, based in San Antonio, Texas, said that it randomly sampled 2,000 messages from the public stream of Twitter and separated them into six categories.

The categories were: news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversational and pass-along value. The breakdown was as follows:

Pointless babble: 40.5%
Conversational messages: 37.55%
Pass-along value: 8.7%
Self-promotion: 5.85%
Spam: 3.75%
News: 3.6%

Source: Breitbart.com