11 Biggest Mistakes for Parents Who Are Facebook Friends With Their Kids

Jim Liebelt | Senior Editor of Publications for HomeWord | Thursday, October 27, 2011

11 Biggest Mistakes for Parents Who Are Facebook Friends With Their Kids

So your kids finally friended you on Facebook. Congratulations — you now have mind-blowing inside access to their online worlds. Now what? Avoid the top 11 mistakes parents make on Facebook. Avoid them like the plague. You'll keep the peace with your tween or teen — and hopefully, your coveted friend status, too.

 1. Don't over-share. Do all 1,200 of your son's friends really need to know he still sucks his thumb at night?
 2. Realize that everyone sees your comments.
 3. Don't pry.
 4. Don't get too personal. Resist the urge to ask if that fancy acne cream you bought is clearing things up.
 5. Don't tag your child in photos. Not even those adorable brace-face ones.
 6. Never assume your kid can (or wants to) chat just because he or she is logged in.
 7. Never, ever reply to comments for your kids. Don't speak on his or her behalf.
 8. Don't nag kids to do their chores. You'll just waste precious time you can spend nagging them in person.
 9. Don't stalk their significant others -- at least on Facebook.
10. Don't chide or punish them. Disciplining kids via Facebook won't produce the results you seek.
11. Don't Like too much. Don't go overboard liking every picture, status update, comment or link your teen posts.

Source: Shine from Yahoo!