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What Disney's Interference with Politics Tells Us about Their Vision

Emma Danzey | Contributing Writer | Monday, March 21, 2022
What Disney's Interference with Politics Tells Us about Their Vision

What Disney's Interference with Politics Tells Us about Their Vision

I was hurt and confused when I saw Disney taking a stance (pledging $5 million dollars) against the recent Florida Parental Rights in Education Bill. This bill ruled on not teaching about sex and gender at school for grades K-3, but allowing parents to teach at home. We are seeing great consequences for decisions to teach gender and things about sex to young children at school. We see in Canada that children are being taken away from their biological parents because the parents who birthed and nurtured these children do not want their kids to make decisions about their gender. I thought that Disney supported families? This is tearing apart families and removing freedom.

Because of the ruling being against what the culture wishes to push on the next generation, big name businesses have stepped in. Disney has been known as a wonderful company that promotes child-friendly material and creativity. However, Disney has decided to take a political stance as a business in going against this bill. This leads us to a greater question, what does Disney’s interference with politics tell us about their vision?

1. Disney Cares about Dollar Signs

I have been a supporter of Disney for many years. I grew up in the generation where I would say Disney was at its best. So many wonderful movies and experiences have come from this company. I am grateful for the creativity and the entertainment provided by this business. However, as of lately I have been incredibly discouraged to hear that Disney has been going up against a political issue in the state of Florida. As a woman who believes that gender is scientifically determined at the moment of conception and that grammar cannot be changed because entire languages are built around masculine and feminine forms, I believe Disney has gone way too far.

What Disney’s interference with politics tells us is that their vision is to do whatever sells and makes them money. They do not care about the traditional family and God’s design. They are motivated by the almighty dollar, not the Almighty Himself.

I have been bothered for some time that the LGBTQ agenda has been placed in childrens shows, YouTube videos, and literature. A person can make their own decision when he or she is of age and developmentally able to do so, but to enforce this information from teachers as the “norm” and tell a young child that this is their decision to make is wrong. This also forces teachers to share on things that they may not believe in, and schools could lose amazing teachers in the public school systems because of it.

2. Disney’s Leadership Has a Political Agenda

I do not like to think about it because I wish it were not true, but Disney’s leadership must have a political agenda if they are standing for this bill not to pass. This bill is simply to prevent children in grades kindergarten-3rd from hearing about sexual identity. Most of them should not even know what sex is at that point in time.

Allie Beth Stuckey from The World and Everything in It shares, “The reactions are—and are fueled by—outright propaganda. Just seven pages long, the bill focuses only on kindergarteners through third graders, prohibiting classroom discussions of sexual orientation or gender identity” and requiring school districts to disclose important information about a K–3 child and his or her well-being to their parents.”

The concern that Disney has gone up against this speaks volumes about the trajectory of their future. If Disney is for the family, then how would they take such a stance against parental rights of young children? Disney clearly has a political agenda to stand against what is best for kids and stand up for a political agenda.

3. We Should Watch Where Disney’s Content Is Heading

I have already been greatly concerned at movies influencing innocent young children with gender issues. America cares more about what gender a child feels that he or she is than child starvation, orphans, or the fact that there are middle schoolers in public schools who still read at first grade reading levels.

Disney is supporting life-altering decisions to be made by individuals who cannot legally drive cars, have jobs, vote, or even stay at home without an adult. Our country is based on freedom, and mandating that young children be directed by teachers in a classroom and forced a cultural opinion as fact is not free.

As of last year, Disney put out eight homosexual moments in films and shows. These included: a set of lesbian moms in Toy Story 4, Artie in Cruella, the brother in Jungle Cruise, Phastos in Eternals from Marvel, Officer Spector in Onward, Lefou in Beauty and the Beast, a lesbian kiss in Star Wars, and a cameo in the Avengers: End Game. Not to mention the Disney Short on Disney Plus called Out in which the entire storyline is a man coming out as gay and falling in love with another man.

These are examples of where Disney is heading. It is one thing for an adult movie or show to portray these types of relationships because an adult has a choice in whether he or she is viewing it. However, children are innocent and when they click on a cute cartoon, they should not be exposed.

Not only are Disney’s gender opinions showing through their shows and movies, also the way that they paint parents as stupid is wrong. For a company that is supposedly supporting families, they sure do demean parental figures and provide storylines where the kids are always right. We have to be careful about who is influencing the next generation.

There are many topics and creations from Disney that should be thought about before showing to an impressionable child. Gender identity is something that Disney has chosen to step in and be loud about. Unfortunately, this causes many to feel isolated as Christ-followers and Bible believers. Young children are in our care. Jesus is serious about caring for the innocence of children. Matthew 18:6 says, “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Also seen in Mark 9:42.)

Believers are afraid to have an opinion, believers don’t want to lose their favorite movies and shows, but is it worth it to support an agenda that is the very opposite of what God wants for people? Is it loving to go along with what culture says so we do not hurt feelings or make them feel good about their choices? Is it loving to ignore Disney’s stance and empower them to infiltrate the minds of the innocent?

If this means unsubscribing from Disney Plus or writing a letter to the CEO, then it is vital we take steps to show that this is not ok and we believe it is dangerous for the next generation to be shaped and influenced in such a way. It is hurtful that Disney would take a political stance. It is eye opening.

I wrote earlier this week to Bob Chapek, the current CEO of Disney. Feel free to write him and voice your concern as well. Remember to always be respectful and Christ honoring in sharing. His email is: [email protected].

Disney is not the government. This is a reasonable action and a fair right for children to be parented by their parents, not controlled by the government and school teachers’ personal opinions. Because of their decision to stand against the Parental Rights in Education Bill, this should cause us all to stop and think. We need to pray and ask God how to respond in a way that is Christ-honoring and also not be silent on the hurt and concern for the next generation.

The views expressed in this commentary do not necessarily reflect those of Christian Headlines.

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What Disney's Interference with Politics Tells Us about Their Vision