Truth about Benghazi Inextricably Linked to Arab Spring, Syria, al-Qaeda

Bethany Blankley | Contributor | Updated: Oct 27, 2015

Truth about Benghazi Inextricably Linked to Arab Spring, Syria, al-Qaeda

It is doubtful if Congressional hearings will uncover the interconnected facts and events linking Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Arab Spring, ongoing human suffering throughout the Middle East– and the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

As Bethany Blankley reported in October 2014, their deaths were consequences of a CIA-led weapons smuggling operation with al Qaeda—unauthorized by Congress—which the Obama Administration aggressively sought to cover up.

Benghazi was never about a video, or a lack of consulate security.

Benghazi was a consequence of Obama using a loophole in a 1970 law to go around Congress — in order to transport weapons from Libya to Syria.

Despite repeated U.S. military warnings and recommendations to keep former Libyan president Muammar Qadhafi in power, Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton overthrew Qadhafi’s regime, leaving a power vacuum that al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood filled.

Overthrowing Qadhafi enabled the CIA to transfer his arsenal from Libya to “Syrian rebels” in an attempt to overthrow Assad.

Despite the colossal failure of a combined $6 trillion that America already spent on regime changes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria— in July 2014, Obama asked Congress to authorize $500 million to increase support for “moderate” and “appropriately vetted” rebels—within the context of a $1.5 billion “regional stability initiative.” (Obama referred to the rebels as “Jr. League,” who later became ISIS).

The mystery surrounding Benghazi can be largely dispelled in a few short paragraphs.

First, the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, aka Ansar al-Sharia, a jihad militia, was hired to guard the compound by the American government.

Second, according to CNN’s Jake Tapper dozens of CIA operatives were allegedly on the ground during the attack and the Obama administration went to “great lengths” to obscure their activities. Many speculate Ambassador Stevens was a CIA asset in the State Department.

Third, only hours before the attack on September 11, 2012, Stevens met with a Turkish ambassador at the compound. Turkey was a transshipment point for many Libyan weapons that were later smuggled to jihadists worldwide.

Fourth, Morsi’s Egyptian government (Muslim Brotherhood controlled) was also involved with the compound’s attack. In fact, some of the terrorists were recorded on video pleading, “Don’t shoot! Dr. Morsi sent us!”

One theoretical answer endorsed by retired Four Star Admiral James Lyons suggests that Ambassador Stevens was to be traded for the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, a man who had embodied Islamic terrorism to the world for generations and who Morsi wanted released from prison.

These facts beg the question: If Ambassador Stevens was actually overseeing a gun running operation to Islamic/jihadist/Muslim Brotherhood militias, why then would the same people kill him, as the American public were repeatedly told?

However this plan went spectacularly wrong, resulting in a botched cover-up that succeeded primarily because of the news industry’s negligence to investigate the facts.

In an alarming breach of protocol and sworn duty, Obama’s Special Advisor Valerie Jarrett ordered the U.S. military to “stand down,” effectively ordering American citizens be left to fend for themselves against a well-armed jihadist militia.

Next came the now infamous Susan Rice national media blitz throughout which she delivered identical talking points to numerous news outlets blaming the Benghazi attack on an obscure and poorly produced movie. The talking points she and others later recited were detailed in an email Ben Rhodes, Obama’s 2009 Cairo speechwriter, sent to a list of people including a George Washington University MSA member copied on the email.

Unsurprisingly George Soros also was linked to Benghazi. The Obama-appointed lead investigator for the attack was Ambassador Thomas Pickering who had ties to CAIR a well-known Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States. At the time of the investigation Pickering was Soros’s International Crisis Group co-chair and still remains a trustee.

Since the Arab Spring, political unrest, violence, and militia rule continue to plague Libya. Its economic infrastructure has nearly deteriorated and rule of law remains non-existent. According to Open Doors USA, Libya is ranked #13 out of the top 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted.

Congressional hearings are a good start, but they will not bring about justice for the numerous dead throughout the entire region because of disastrous Obama administration policies and actions.

More in-depth information about the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Syria, and the Muslim Brotherhood can be found in The Betrayal Papers.

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Publication date: October 27, 2015

Truth about Benghazi Inextricably Linked to Arab Spring, Syria, al-Qaeda