Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Encounter Christ this Christmas

Because of the birth of Christ, his sacrifice on the cross and his bodily resurrection, we can seek the Lord under the guidance of the Holy Spirit: thinking, praying and meditating on his Word- The Bible to us. Wise men and women still seek Jesus every day. This Christmas, allow your life to be transformed by encountering and worshiping the Savior who came and changed the world.

Why 'Merry Christmas' Is Better Than 'Happy Holidays' for Americans of All Faiths

Greeting everyone with “Happy Holidays” at Christmastime disrespects and dilutes the meaning of Christmas without making religious minorities feel authentically included. At the same time, it creates resentment among Christians, who long for the Christmas concerts of old and worry that Christmas’ sacred aspects are disappearing.

Worship the Baby, Not the Holiday

Sometimes we become so wrapped up with celebrating Christmas that we forget to share the Christ of Christmas. Christmas is for celebrating, but Christ is for sharing. What can we do to proclaim the message of Jesus? How can we find our shepherd’s voice?

A Christmas Reflection

As I was driving on Highway 99 South in my home state of California one morning, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the prophecies of Jesus in the Old Testament, long before he was born. Of course, we know of Jesus’s birth from the New Testament gospels. But centuries before Matthew and Luke wrote about it, the prophet Isaiah told of Jesus’s coming at a challenging time in history, when the kingdom of Judah was facing threats of violence from the kingdom of Assyria.

Reap a Harvest of Religious Freedom this Thanksgiving

As we gather with family this Thanksgiving, please join me in honoring the legacy of our faith and freedom by remembering the significance of this yearly celebration.

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Forget to Be Grateful for the Little Things

In the Christian faith we focus – quite understandably – on the awesome truth that in the crucifixion of Jesus, God himself was purchasing our forgiveness. That is the greatest gift we could ever have and we must always be grateful for that. Yet there are also an enormous number of other smaller things where God’s love towards his children spills over into numerous different areas and we should recognise them everywhere.

What We Profess on Sunday Ought to Apply to Black Friday

What would happen if we thought about every dollar we spend this season as an expression of our faith? We would spend differently. Would we spend our money in ways that help create a more just local economy, in ways that begin to address the racial wealth disparity and the needs of our neighbors? From what I understand of Scripture, that seems like a more fitting way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

How to Be Thankful When Times Are Tough

One conversation at the water cooler or in passing with your neighbor is enough to remind you that people are upset, scared, depressed, or hurting. So, how could we possibly celebrate Thanksgiving with gratitude? Not with earthly platitudes that fail to warm a broken heart stripped of all hope. We need more than that. So, where do we turn?

Could This Be Someone's First Thanksgiving Being Thankful?

With the holiday season upon us, we need to be aware of those around us who are struggling. For people who have experienced pain, financial burdens, trauma, and homelessness, the holidays can be a sad and triggering time of year.

Defeating the Giant of Fear: Lessons From David

Fear is the greatest barrier to us fulfilling God's plan for our lives. But God hasn't given us a spirit of fear, because "perfect love casts out all fear" (1 John 4:18).