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Featured Columnists

Featured Columnists

How to Be Equipped to Live Courageously

Commitment to a gospel faith is going to cost us something; let’s prepare.

Why Is Iran’s Unprecedented Attack on Israel Globally Significant?

Sirens rang in Jerusalem as air defense systems shot down missiles over the city early yesterday morning after Iran launched more than three hundred missiles and drones at Israel.

Surrogacy Worst-Case Scenario Happens. Now What?

The time is now to start asking real questions about the unregulated industry of child manufacturing.

Live from Israel, Where the Threat Is Real (Please Pray)

This morning, while running errands before Shabbat, the threat became real on another level. The cell phone store in the neighborhood shopping center is now selling gas powered generators. We’ve been talking for weeks about the likelihood that an attack by Hezbollah or Iran could take out the power grid for some time. People are stocking up.

5 Church Lies to Let Go While Holding On to Your Faith

I believe God has so much compassion for the confusion the younger generations are battling with the Church. We’re at a time in history where so much is being exposed in our world–systemic racism, capitalist greed, political warfare and environmental carelessness, to name a few. Unfortunately, the Church is not excluded from the influence of these same systems. Millennials are noticing and calling out for change, and when they don’t see changes in the Church, they leave.

Has Music Been 'Dumbed Down' in the 21st Century?

Specifically, there has been a trend across genres toward the "simplification of lyrics and an overuse of choruses." Further, the "vocabulary range has also shrunk and the structure of the songs made more predictable."

Iranian Attack on Israel Said to Be Imminent

Why should any of this be of great concern to Americans? To ask that question is to answer it.

The Connection between Trump's Abortion Comments and the Vatican on Gender Surgery

On the same day Donald Trump said abortion restrictions should be left to the states, the Vatican released a twenty-page document reaffirming its opposition to "gender-affirming surgery." What narrative connects these stories?

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