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Gender-Transition Surgery Does Not Improve Mental Health after All

According to a study conducted last week, people who struggle to identify with their biological sex are at a higher risk of struggling from mental-health disorders. In fact, they are “more than six times as likely to have been hospitalized after a suicide attempt” as others.

This study was not the first to highlight the significant rates of depression and suicidal ideation among those who struggle with gender dysphoria. In fact, the high correlation between mental health struggles and the transgender community is agreed upon by all sides. Incredibly contentious, on the other hand, is the best way to help these people.

How the Sperm Donation Industry Is Breaking Families

One problem with the sperm donation industry is that it dehumanizes men and children. The God-given ability to procreate is transformed into a crude financial transaction. As is the case with egg donation, the way the “product” is marketed dehumanizes image-bearers, reducing them to a list of so-called “desirable qualities, such as height, hair color; supposed athletic ability, or where they went to college. This isn’t some “enlightened” new way to make a modern family. It’s re-branded eugenics.

"Absolute Chaos in Downtown Chicago": Why a "Theology Of Exile" Is Empowering for Christians Today

In a recent interview, Kim Weir asked me to address the discouragement so many evangelicals feel with the moral trajectory of our culture. As she knows, it is tempting to withdraw from the world, to stop caring about people who don’t seem to care about us or our biblical convictions.

But this is precisely the wrong way for believers to respond to the issues of our day.

Announcing the 'Worldviews and Cultural Fluency' Professional Development Program for Christian Educators

Christian education begins with Christian assumptions about life and the world, aims for Christian goals, and is governed by Christian methodologies. In both their personal beliefs and their public lives, we hope to help students love God with heart, mind, soul and strength, and love their neighbors as themselves. Like all of us, Christian educators need ongoing training and tailored professional development to serve the unique challenges of their vocation. 

To serve this incredibly important calling, the Colson Center has partnered with the Association of Christian Schools International and the International Alliance for Christian Education, two leading Christian education organizations, to offer a free, online, professional development program for schools and homeschool parents called “Worldviews and Cultural Fluency.”

Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism

“The issue of abortion,” says Obianuju Ekeocha, the founder of Culture of Life Africa, “has already been decided by many African countries (who) have decided that abortion is an attack on human life at its earliest stages.” On top of that, African culture includes a strong preference for large families.

Rejecting African values and culture, Western abortion advocates instead parallel the worst colonialists of the 19th-Century who claimed to bring “Civilization, Christianity, and Commerce” to unenlightened natives.

Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation

Each Wednesday morning between August 12 and November 4, which is the morning after the 2020 election, the Colson Center will host a national prayer time, via webinar. We invite you to join us, each week, to pray first and foremost for God’s mercy, that He would revive His church, that He would bring about renewal of righteousness, that He would empower us to courageously offer protection for the most vulnerable, to champion reconciliation across our deepest divides, and that He would allow us to be instruments in the sustaining of religious freedom and the national recovery of the family.

The Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and the Ultimate Solution to the Sin of Racism

Never in my lifetime have I seen as much antagonism toward the Christian faith as I am seeing today. Such attacks drive many believers away from cultural engagement, leaving the field to the aggressors and convincing those on the sidelines that our critics are the winning side. But the more our culture rejects biblical truth, the more it needs biblical truth. And the more it needs biblical truth, the more we need to share that truth with courageous compassion.

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