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Company Making Robots to Clone Humans

Jim Denison | Denison Forum | Updated: Mar 21, 2016

Company Making Robots to Clone Humans

Terasem Movement is a research foundation that seeks to "transfer human consciousness to computers and robots." The firm has created thousands of highly detailed "mind clones" to record the memories, values, and attitudes of specific people.


Using this data, scientists created a replica of the wife of the company's founder. The robot is named Bina48. Made of skin-like rubber, it makes facial expressions, greets people, and has conversations—all made possible through facial and voice recognition software, motion tracking, and internet connectivity.


At least 56,000 people have given information to create "mindfiles" that can one day be uploaded to a robot or holograph. According to the company, everything down to a person's mannerisms and quirks can be recreated. 


The desire for immortality is basic to human nature. There is something in us that wants to outlive us. Even thirty-two percent of atheists and agnostics believe in an afterlife. We have this desire to live forever because God gave it to us. It is part of his plan for us. He created us to live forever with him in paradise. This world is just the first step toward that world, a means to that end.


However, sin intruded. Sin separated us from our holy God. Our Father foresaw this problem, so he made a plan before time began to solve our sin problem, to restore us to himself. The events of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, were all part of this divine plan. They were all orchestrated by our Father for the sake of our salvation. Then his Son chose to follow this plan, to do everything that happened during Holy Week, for you. Just for you.


Consider the events we'll remember this week.


On Palm Sunday, Jesus chose to enter Jerusalem in a way that fulfilled the Messianic prophecy of Zechariah 9 and incensed the authorities who would arrange his betrayal and execution. On Monday he overturned the moneychangers' tables in the temple, further outraging his enemies. On Tuesday he defeated them in public debate, humiliating them and inflaming their desire to have him killed.


On Thursday he went to the Garden of Gethsemane, where he knew Judas could find him and the authorities could arrest him secretly. He then testified against himself before the religious authorities and remained silent when he could have won his freedom from the secular authorities. He went willingly to the cross, where he chose to give up his Spirit in vicarious sacrifice for us (Matthew 27:50).


At any point he could have called "twelve legions of angels" to his rescue (Matthew 26:53). At every point he chose to follow his Father's plan for our salvation.


As you walk through Holy Week, remember that Jesus did all of this for you. He would do it again, just for you. Despite your challenges or failures, you need never again wonder if God loves you. Or if he loves the next person you meet.



Publication date: March 21, 2016


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Company Making Robots to Clone Humans