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'Private' Sins Are Still Sins

Solomon once observed, “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper” (Proverbs 28:13a). The main reason we “will not prosper” is that so-called secret or 'private' sins “grieve” and “quench” the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is the means by which God empowers, leads, sanctifies, and prospers his people.

How to Hear the Voice of God When We Need His Wisdom the Most

In the Monday Daily Article, we claimed the fact that our Savior is “gentle and lowly in heart” (v. 29), meaning that his will is always best for us. In yesterday’s article, we focused on the fact that we can trust our omniscient Master when we wear his yoke to lead us into our best future. Today, we’ll focus on the present. We’ll consider ways Jesus guides those who wear his yoke, revealing his perfect will to us in every circumstance and situation. Then we’ll trust him to redeem our greatest challenges for his greatest glory.