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Yasser Arafat's Intentions Plain to See

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, April 2, 2001

Yasser Arafat's Intentions Plain to See

It never stops in the Middle East. The new Israeli administration of Ariel Sharon attacks Palestinian terrorists, but not before warning them that the attack is coming, which is crazy. They don't warn the Israelis. And Yasser Arafat, that noted diplomat and peacemaker, says the intifada will continue. Of course it will. That's because Arafat will be satisfied with nothing less than the complete and total eradication of Israel.

Why do you think he rejected the almost total giveaway of land he wants from Ehud Barak? He doesn't want a portion - or even a large portion. He doesn't want only the land Israel took after several wars designed to eradicate the modern Jewish state. He wants not only that land, but all land, including the even tinier strip established in 1948.

So many people don't understand his objective, or they don't want to. It isn't about peaceful co-existence. Even the Arab nations don't have peaceful co-existence with each other. It's about everything, or nothing. Let's hope Sharon never forgets that.