World Court Has No Business Issuing Orders in U.S.

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Sunday, July 1, 2001

World Court Has No Business Issuing Orders in U.S.

The International Court of Justice - sometimes referred to as the world court - has criticized the state of Arizona for executing a German national in defiance of its wishes. The ICJ claims its rulings are binding on the United States and other national courts.

An Arizona court had sentenced the German to death after he was convicted, along with his brother, of stabbing a bank manager to death during a botched robbery attempt. The world court, at the request of Germany, had issued an order not to execute the man until it could make a final ruling on the matter.

The United States is a sovereign nation and should not be dictated to by a world court or anyone else. This is where this blurring-of-borders and the euro-dollar and we're-all-one-world-now business is leading us. One-worlders believe sovereignty is the cause of conflicts and war and that by putting all authority under one body, we will all live in peace. This ignores human nature. It also ignores a basic principle, almost unique to America: liberty! We have no business taking orders from a world court.