Women Like Fatima Yaquob

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, March 10, 2005

Women Like Fatima Yaquob

March 9, 2005

Here's a major reason why democracy as we know it may not be so easy in the Middle East.

It's because of women like Fatima Yaquob.

She's a councilwoman in Baghdad 's new government.

She has organized computer courses for women and traveled to Egypt for a course of constitutional law paid for by the U.S. during the January elections in Iraq, Yaquob supervised a polling place and oversaw the counting of ballots.

But, she is a devout Shiite Muslim, part of a group of powerful female politicians trying to erase laws that provide women with some of the same rights as men.

She favors allowing Iraqi men to have up to four wives and repealing laws that guarantee alimony payments and child custody rights for divorced women.

The religion component is going to be difficult to overcome in reshaping the Middle East....

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Women Like Fatima Yaquob